Watch YouTube videos on VLC media player

VLC is a simple, fast and a powerful media player that plays most multimedia files and audio CD, DVD, etc. Apart from this, VLC can also play YouTube videos without any web browser or flash player.

Watch a YouTube Video on VLC

Open VLC media player. Make sure that your VLC media player is of latest version. Check for updates and install them.
Choose the Open Network Stream option from the Media tab.

You can also hit Ctrl+ N
Paste the URL of the YouTube video you would like to watch in the text box and Click on Play.

Difference between watching a YouTube video on web and on VLC media player

The YouTube video will play inside your VLC media player, similar to normal videos, but now you are provided with some additional features that the flash player of YouTube doesn’t provide.

  1. You can skip ads that appear before the video plays without any browser extension
  2. You can set your own Playback speed to make the video run slower or faster than the normal speed.
  3. You can always watch the video while doing other works. For this you have to make the following settings.  Click on the Video tab and then choose Always on Top.
  4. You can repeatedly watch the YouTube video by clicking the Loop button
  5. You can also take screenshots of any scene using the Take Snapshot option under the Video tab.


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