Watch YouTube video in HD with Auto HD for YouTube extension

I always love to watch videos in high definition. What about you? Isn’t it frustrating to change the resolution of every video that you watch on YouTube to its maximum resolution? A simple Chrome extension – Auto HD for YouTube can get the work done for you.

With Auto HD extension you can set the desired resolution. You can set it to any one of these – 240p, 360p, 480p, 720p (High Definition Quality), 1080p (Full HD). You might wonder what happens if the video has got a resolution lower than the one set, Auto HD automatically selects and plays the video with a resolution set to the maximum resolution of the video. For example, you wanted to play a HD video but YouTube video has only got a maximum resolution of 360p, the video plays with a resolution of 360p.

You can also choose the size – Wide screen or normal display depending on your system’s configuration. It is always better to go for wide screen only if you are going to play a 720p or 1080p video.

This extension doesn’t affect performance of the browser. All you have to keep in mind is your computer’s hardware- whether it’s a dual core or a quad core, the GPU of your system, etc. while setting the resolution and size through Auto HD for YouTube.

Installing Auto HD for YouTube

Go to Chrome web store and search for the Auto HD for YouTube extension.


Click on the ADD TO CHROME button. Once done, a confirmation dialog box appears. Click on Add.

Configuring Auto HD for YouTube

Click on the Auto HD for YouTube icon.


Choose you preferred resolution and size. The default resolution and size is 720p and Wide respectively.


Though it is a simple extension, for people like me, it is one of the extensions that you should have.


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