Now, the most striking new feature is the integration of search suggestions (for Books /Music etc.) through the unity dashboard. Now, its a neat feature indeed and but we can expect some criticism regarding it. Ubuntu renders advertisement for which provides revenue for Canonical Ltd.  (No complaints from me and I pretty much loved buying a book from the unity dashboard itself.)

Important New Features (List)

Unity 6.8.0

  • Now supports previews that allow you to perform some quick operations, such as installing apps and listening to some tunes, without opening other apps, Right click on any asset to find more information about it.
  • New Gwibber Icon, shopping lens.
  • Bug Fixes
Web apps
  • Ability to pin various websites as id they were Desktop Applications.
  • Notifications for web apps.
Amazon Lens
Messaging Menu
  • New status icons.
  • Overall better look.
Remote Log in
Ubuntu now supports remote login from the login menu.

OMG! Ubuntu! made this great video listing out all the top features in the OS.

We do see a Mac running the latest version of Ubuntu in the above video, and as it appears its running smoothly.

Final Word

For Pre-Unity users : Its time to upgrade!

For Ubuntu 12.04 users : Depends on you, this version isn’t gonna change your life forever!

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Last Updated on June 03, 2015

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