Technology has something to offer for everyone. If you cannot live without your books and cannot absolutely live without them then you must be aware about eBooks. Now, one can avail the digital edition of their favorite books over the internet. However, it can be a little tiring to sit in front of your desktop for hours. It is also not possible to carry laptops everywhere. eBook readers come for the rescue here. These are portable tablets that are designed especially to read books.

There are numerous models available in the market these days that can make it difficult for you to pick one for yourself. You can consider one of the models listed below.

Top 10 eBook readers :

Kindle 3G Wi-Fi: The Kindle 3G Wi-Fi is one of the best available models. It not only offers an excellent battery life that enables you to read books for hours but its light weight makes it portable and easy to carry. The quality and speed of the device is superior to the other readers available in the market. The reader not only offers 4GB of storage space but also access to a huge online books library.

Nook Simple Touch Reader: The Nook reader has a simple design and an easy to use interface that makes it a good choice. The tablet offers 2GB of internal memory along with Wi-Fi connectivity. The page transition of the reader is also very smooth.

Nook Tablet: If you are looking for a reader that offers bigger screen size and storage space than other eBook readers. Along with the 7 inch screen and 16 GB of internal memory that can be extended up to 32 GB it also enables the users to download and play games on it.

Kindle Fire: The Amazon Kindle fire is much more than a simple eBook reader. Apart from the reading functions it also enables the users to access their e-mails and supports different types of attachments. The 7 inch screen makes it easy to read. The Kindle fire comes with 8 GB of internal memory and also allows you to store on the cloud for free.

Kindle DX: Kindle DX is another version of reader from Amazon that has a much larger screen compared t other models by Amazon. The larger screen makes it suitable to read textbooks and newspapers. It has one of the finest accelerometers that enable you to rotate pages between landscape and portrait orientations smoothly. Kindle DX comes with 4GB of internal memory.

Nook Color: Nook Color is the colored version of the Nook eBook reader. The model is ideal for reading books and viewing photos but lacks electronic ink technology. The device has a 7 inch LCD screen with multi touch screen input and 8 GB of internal memory. One can also use it for accessing emails and other functions.

 Sony Reader Touch Edition PRS-650BC: The Sony eBook reader uses electronic paper technology and can be viewed in direct sunlight. It has an easy to use interface with 2 GB storage space and has an SD card slot. The only problem is that Sony does not offer the same amount of digital content like other readers.

Sony Reader Daily Edition PRS-950SC: The Sony Reader Daily edition is one of the top range readers by the company. The reader has a 7 inch display and also offers decent battery. The model has 2 GB memory and comes with 3G, Wi-Fi and web browser.

Apple iPad: Apple iPad is not a conventional eBook reader but one can comfortably use it for the same. The tablet is available in three different models and offers a number of other features also that makes it a good choice irrespective of the version you pick.

BeBook Neo: Users who are searching for an open source eBook reader can buy the BeBook Neo, a reader with a nice design, easy to use interface and brings into use the epaper technology. The reader comes only with 0.5 GB of storage space but it can be extended up to 16 GB. The powerful battery enables you read more than 7000 pages on full battery.

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Last Updated on March 15, 2015

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