Windows 8 has many interesting new features, but the most important has to be the App Store. They have many application in the app store and added to it they have many kids education based applications which is something to talk upon. Because applications like games and business purpose can be found lots but the kids education application are rare to find. These Application makes the learning interesting with fun. As there are many apps here I have listed top and best Windows 8 application for kids. So check out the list of best apps given below for your kids which will be useful for them to improve the knowledge through fun.

1) Number Pop :

Number PoP is basically a games with bright graphics , fun sounds and an easy gaming environment which will help your young children get introduced to Numbers in very simple way .

Number PoP is a game of number introduction game for small children or an educational game for the more advanced child (4 to 6). this game will help your kids of all ages in learning and understanding the numbers. Take a moment for yourself and enjoy the game mode with your kids .

The main purpose of this game is to provide an entertaining learning experience with colorful balloons , audio and addictive games. This app comes in two modes 1) Learning mode and 2) Playing mode

In the Learning mode : The Colorful balloons containing random numbers float across the screen which invites your child to pop them while soothing background music is being played. When the balloon pops the number appears on the screen with the back ground music.

In the Playing mode : There are multiple games in the app that reward your kids for popping the balloons with letters. Even in game mode popping a balloon gives an audio response and reads out the letter. This app not only entertains but it also gives the learning experience to your child . This educational game holds your child’s attention while learning the alphabet. In addition it improves motor skills and sharpens memory.

2) Alpha Match Kid :

It is the windows 8 app in which kids have fun by matching pictures, letters, or letter sounds! The goal is very simple: flip cards to find matches as quickly as you can. Score the most points by guessing quickly and accurately. Improve your memory as you race to the top of the global leader boards .

Three different games modes for just the right challenge for the kids like simple picture
matching , matching upper and lower case alphabet letters, or matching initial sounds (A matches apple, B matches ball, etc.). This game impacts the child memory and helps them in improving .

Preschoolers can help develop memory skills by matching pictures, or can learn letter recognition by matching upper and lower case letters. Kindergarten and elementary school kids can increase the challenge and
match pictures to their starting letter. Optional hints display the picture, spelling, and upper/lower case letter for a card.

3) Bubble Shooter :- Fun with the Bubbles

It is yet another popular children’s game on Windows 8 Apps Store which is full of entertainment and fun . Like Bubble Star app, it is a bubble shooting game too. Bubble Shooter is based on cool graphics to provide guaranteed entertainment. With its innovative design, interesting game play and exciting jungle sounds, it is sure to keep your little one hooked for hours. Pop batches of funny looking birds by tossing other birds at them and try matching sets of three or more birds of the same color. Moreover, you can tack your high scores in the scoreboard. It is so addictive, you can play for hours.

4). My Baby Piano : Little Rock Stars 

My Baby Piano is musical app for kids and it is a quite popular music app on Windows 8 Apps Store. It is specially created for kids who would like to learn music from the basic. This application has different types of children’s songs and authentic drumming. Kids can add drum sounds to any song to make it more exciting and enhance their musical performance. My Baby Piano is available in both free and paid versions, where the free version offers only the basic features but the paid version has some advanced features.

5). Paint 4 Kids :

As the name of this application implies, it is a Windows 8 painting app for kids. It is a very simple app to help your child learn painting in a fun way. Paint for Kids contains numerous built-in drawing images and your kids can color them using their imagination. Kids can choose different modes for drawings: fill a shape with a single tap, move fingers to fill a shape or free drawing, so kids can write on the entire screen. While kids can draw anything they want, they will have an option to choose the size of the brush too. They can create amazing drawings using the built-in drawing tools and then save them on the system. Along with all these features, kids can also print their artwork and share it with relatives and friends.

6) Learn with the Fishes :- Strengthen the kid’s Underwater Knowledge

Let your kids explore the world by learning fish names, trying to recognize them and trying to read or to write their first words. This app has 7 game mode that is thought to aid your kids from 2 to 8 years. They will enjoy to start learning fishes by picture as well as write fishes names letter by letter.

If your kid is 3 years old, he can play just with figures or he can try to start playing with fish names as well as he can try to read letters and words hearing their sound and pronunciation. If your kid is 4 or 5 years old, he can play with reading and start to write fish names with some suggestions as well as become an expert writer typing without any aids.

7) Pororo Season 3 Lite :

“PORORO THE LITTLE PENGUIN SEASON 3,” TV Animation Series App Launch!! There are new friends in Porong Porong Village where Pororo and his friends live! New adventures await Pipi and Popo the aliens, Eddy’s creation, Rody, and Tongtong the magic dragon. Watch Pororo and friends through the new App.

Features :
i) Watch two episode and intro/ending song video clips for free
ii) View character introductions with professional audio narration.
IIi) Check time to spend in this application.

8) Sticker Tales :

This game is considered as a fun educational game that lets kids use their imagination and creativity to create pictures as easily as putting stickers in a book. thechild will be able to create pictures by starting from one of many beautifully illustrated backgrounds. By doing different things such as placing, rotating and scaling stickers from the wide selection they will be able to easily build scenes of their own while learning fine motor skills with the intuitive touch and mouse interfaces. Windows 8 also includes a number of fun educational activities to help your child learn pattern and color recognition , shape matching, collecting and many more things .

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Last Updated on March 17, 2015

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