Top 5 Free Microsoft Office Alternatives

Microsoft Office package is one of the most widely used office suites. Its main components are Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Powerpoint along with some other office tools. Definitely it has some great features to lean for as it can make many of the office tasks quite a simple one with lots of features and tools provided in its package. Still one can think of various alternates available with similar and at times better features too.

Top 5 Microsoft Office alternatives are:

1)   OpenOffice : Its a known fact that the best alternate to Microsoft office suite is the Open office package with its word, excel and presentation equivalent applications. It can read and write on different formats of Microsoft office.  And the best part of all is that it can be downloaded and used freely in domestic, educational or even commercial areas. You can install it in as many computers as you wish, just install and use, even no registration is required, be it individual or commercial use. It is available for various platforms like windows, mac os, linux and solaris. It is also available in various languages.

2)    GoogleDocs : This is a free web based office package which has word processor, spreadsheet, presentation and form application. Its developed by the famous Google Inc. One can work online on various documents in collaboration with other users in realtime. One needs to have an account with google, or one can even use an existing google services account like gmail. Its quite a power package too use and that to a free one.

3)   IBM Lotus Symphony : This is a free office suite application that provides facilities to work with a word processor, a worksheet and also a presentation maker. Its available for free so you can download and use it anywhere and anytime. Its works on multiple platforms like windows, mac and linux. The suite mainly comprises of the three applications that is the IBM Lotus Symphony Documents working as a word processors, the IBM Lotus Symphony Spreadsheets as spreadsheet program and IBM Lotus Symphony Presentations as a presentation creator.

4)    Zoho Office : ZOHO Corporation are the developers of the free office suite name Zoho Office suite. It contains word processors, spreadsheet, presentation, database, notes taking, planner, charts, wikis and several other applications. Certain applications are free to use at the entry level, but if you want to use it at a more advanced and professional level certain fees has to be paid to gain access to those level of usage. The applications are use via internet as the applications is hosted on a remote server and hence nothing needs to be installed.

5)    ThinkFree Office :Haansfree corporation are the developers of this office suite. This software is available for a 30 days free trial for desktop version. It is also available as an online version which is currently free of cost. It was basically developed on Java platform. It can run on Windows, Mac and Linux platforms. It basically contains a word processors, spreadsheet, presentation program, HTML and blog editor.

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