Powerpoint is one the most commonly used presentation application. It comes as an integrated part of the Office package. It has been the favorite of many specially for the people wanting to develop different types of presentations. One thing that is to be considered for use of powerpoint is that one has to buy the Microsoft office package so that you can use powerpoint applications to develop various presentations. If given a close thought we have many other free alternatives to the powerpoint package which offers nearly the same features probably in a little different manner. Many of them are online packages and many offline, so its up to you which one you want to choose from . In the meantime you can also check our free word processing softwares list .

Top 5 free powerpoint alternatives are:

1)    OpenOffice Impress : This is an integrated application of the OpenOffice suite which is one of the best alternates to the Microsoft Office package. It has many great features to develop a full fledged presentation. It is an effective tool to create multimedia presentation that can standout with 2D and 3D clip arts, special effects, animations etc. Many different range of views are supported which can cater to different audiences and presenters. It has a complete range of easy to use drawing tools which can improve your presentation to a great extent. Master pages simplify the task of preparing your contents. It even saves the document in various formats too.

2)    Flash : This is the modern way to go in for developing a powerful presentation to present a new product or inform about a new service etc. One can easily convert existing powerpoint presentations to a more powerful tool by converting them to flash presentations. It can help you create interactive contents without getting into th programming side of it.

3)    Thinkfree Show : Basically it allows you to create slide shows in two modes, a power edit mode or a quick edit. In quick edit mode it uses a special architecture where one doesn’t have to download the Java virtual machine but in this case it definitely limits your capabilities to create. Wheres has in power edit more you have more powerful features to end up creating more advanced presentations.

4)   PreZentIt : Is a powerful presentation package which generates its slided in the form of web pages and hence it can be easily edited through  an HTML editor too. Being an online presentation developing tool it provides a 250MB of storage space. It provides tools for online sharing and collaboration too. One can create slides alone, or even with others members in a combined way and thus improving different inputs of the presentations. Your presentations are available anywhere, anytime and from any place to either develop a new one or to edit an existing one.

5)    ZohoShow : With Zohoshow one create slides for presentations. One needs to be registered with Zoho in order to use this application. It provides all feature tools and also provides the facility to put up the presentation on internet for others to view.

You can also check some of our paid software alternatives :

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Last Updated on April 16, 2015

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