Many of you might be using free email services like Gmail, yahoo mail, rediff mail etc to send and receive mails. But if you’re corporate employee or a newspaper employee, you might find it really difficult to manage all your emails through the browser. For this , many IT companies came up with a solution called “Email Clients”. An email client, email reader, or more formally mail user agent (MUA), is a computer program used to manage a user’s email.This program can access the user’s inbox and also provides message management including all other functions required.

Email clients helps your mail to reach in a secure manner as it is encrypted. Moreover , the major advantage of Email clients is that if you have to check more than one emails’ inbox, it pretty easy using the email clients.Now lets see which is the best Email client.

Top 5 Free Email clients are :

1.Mozilla Thunderbird — With all its new graphical interface, it attracts you at its first sight and an impressive user interface and options. It lets you handle mail efficiently and with style, and Mozilla Thunderbird filters away junk mail too.

Best choosen Email Client

2. Windows Live Mail — Windows Live Mail is an e-mail client from Microsoft’s Windows Live set of products. It is intended to be a successor for Outlook Express on Windows XP and Windows Mail on Windows Vista.The application is available for download via the Windows Live Essentials suite. The features of Outlook are present in it and additionally it supports using different mailboxes with separate folders (inbox, junk and so on).

Windows Live

Microsoft Windows Live mail

3. Opera mail – Opera Mail—formerly known as M2—is the e-mail and news client built into the Opera internet suite. It has spam filtering (both automated and Bayesian), supports POP3 and IMAP, newsgroups as well as Atom and RSS feeds.Opera Mail can display text and HTML e-mails and uses the Presto layout engine to display HTML.

Opera mail

Opera mail service

4.Incredi Mail — Though its low in rating as per user’s ratings , who are mostly from the corporate sector, its found to be cool and has an got interesting interface. If you’re not one of the busy bees , you can use it.


Incredi Mail service

5.SeaMonkey mail – It features include support for multiple accounts, junk mail detection, message filters, HTML message support, a dictionary, an address book, customizable labels and mail views as well as integration with the rest of suite.

seamonkey logo

Seamonkey Logo

Well, these email clients are not only for the business magnets, even students also can use them to keep their mails secure and to prevent the spam entering your inbox etc. Have a good day!!

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Last Updated on March 09, 2015

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