Magento, as everyone knows, is a specialized feature-enriched platform making giant strides in the ecommerce arena. Magento developers and users do exactly know how hard they have toiled to make this exciting software a huge hit in today’s market. It goes without saying from the following features why Magento is the best in the market when it comes to ecommerce. The power-packed features of this reliable platform are being open source, creating out-of-the-box extensions, incorporating solid admin interfaces, and updating products till date. Apart from that, the security and support offered by Magento is second to none!


In this article, I draft the top 10 of the World’s most popular Magento plugins that could help your business acquire more traffic and grow by leaps and bounds.

Top 10 Most Popular Magento Extensions of 2013 are :


Facebook Shopping Cart



With FaceBook becoming the prominent feature of the internet and ecommerce, adding a plugin to the website that brings in more traffic from the social media segment won’t be a bad move. In fact, it allows web owners to create store on your FaceBook account to display and sell numerous products with absolute ease. Download this exciting Magento extension from the site.

MouseOver Image Zoom

Outstanding plugin exclusively designed for those who are unsatisfied with Magento’s default zooming options. On replacing the older version with this MouseOver Image Zoom extension, an image bigger in size compared to the older version gets displayed on a box. Isn’t that cool? Well, more interesting information about this extension is available at the site.


Fontis WYSIWSYG Editor

With more than 59,282 downloads, it is one of the widely recognized and best extension offered for Magento-based websites. This Javascript-enabled WYSIWYG editor embedded to selected admin interfaces enables store owners to change the default version to the editor of today’s trend. Find more attractive features about this admirable extension from the site.

Magento Debug

Inevitable plugin for most of the Magento websites! The fact that Magento is a reliable and stupendous platform is often shadowed by persistent bugs. Using this plugin is the best way to debug the issues and resolve the problems ultimately. Best extension with incredible value. Impressive information about this extension is available at the site.

Yoast MetaRobots

Another impressive and unavoidable plugin for any website! With Meta tags and Meta descriptions being the prime factors in the business development, the ability to control them both would be a super handy option for all business entrepreneurs. Educate yourself with the impressive features of this extension from the site.


Magento EasyLightBox



Ideal plugin to change the visibility of the website from awkward-looking to awesome-looking one. It doesn’t require any technical assistance or coding experience to use this extension. It is a simple to use extension with brilliant features. Find more encouraging information about this extension from the site.


Magento Promotions Extension


Magento Promotions Extension
Best way to organize feedback forms, ads, news events, and notifications in a single page is by installing the Feedback pop-up extension. Allows you to create multiple feedback pop-up menus on your store to monitor the notifications. Ideal choice for store owners. Gather more information about this popular extension and download the same from the site.

IW PayPal Currency

Excellent plugin to have in your website as it allows the web owners to add new PayPal supported currencies for the online transactions. With this extension, your website could easily pull customers from all over the world effortlessly. More information about this exciting extension is available at the site:


 Fooman Google Analytics Plus

Encouraging plugin for web owners that show immense interest on tracking the behaviors of the customers. On installing this plugin to the website, the sales volume will be multiplied undoubtedly. Tracking of Adwards conversion, for user purchases, is yet another special feature that adds feather to the cap of this module.

 Horizontal Product Slider

Attract millions of customers to your site by installing the horizontal product slider in your website. It allows the web owners to display the varieties of products in an attractive and effective way to the customers. Interesting extension that no one would want to miss! More information about this extension is available at the site

I strongly believe the list of extensions provided in this article would be helpful for most of the ecommerce web owners as the modules are of rare breed and come up with glittery features.

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