As far as we know, learning photoshop is not an easy job. If you want to pave your path towards excellence in photoshop you have to get to know the various shortcuts, menus and commands for various operations. It is not easy as it looks. Even though the learning procedure is hard, the benefit you get from learning photoshop is really fruitful. One can learn photoshop
effectively with the help of Internet. This is the cheaper and easier method adopted by many in learning photoshop online.

Top 10 websites to learn Photoshop Online are :

1. Tutorial9- Tutorial9 is a website, which is basically created to provide online tutorial for many computer related applications. It also provides the necessary tools to help you learn photoshop effectively. It also has picture representation which can help you have a clear view of the various tools which are needed. There are video representations too.

2. PSDTUTS- This website is mostly filled with images. The more number of images, the more easier it would be for one to learn fast. Each and every tasks are explained in detail with the help of pictures. They also provide necessary comments where ever needed and this tutorial lasts really long as it is divided into many sections.

3. Good-Tutorials – They are a unique kind of photoshop-teachers. The tips which they provide show us a general view of photoshop and it does not give detailed description about various effects in photoshop. It will be really helpful for those who need an over-view of photoshop with the basic techniques.

4. Photoshop Lady- This is a different approach made by the team. It provides us the details about the “most viewed” tutorials, and “highest rated” tutorials. Thus we get to know what other think of learning photoshop and the necessary doubts that arise in our mind. These tutorials are not centralized and some techniques may differ from others. But on the whole this website is useful for everyone.

5. Photoshop Tutorials- They provide information about photoshop as well as, other services like photoshop elements, and photography. They also provide the tutorial and let us know how advanced it is. Website is updated with advanced tutorials and the users are given the liberty to show their views, and comment or rate the tutorial. There is not much collection of tutorials available, but it can provide the necessary details needed.

6. Luxa- They call themselves as social learning site. It has various collection of images and videos along with additional articles. They also ask suggestions from the users and provide the necessary help to them with the help of videos. They also have created various topics for the welfare of the users. One has to become the website’s member before accessing it.

7. Photoshop Contest- As usual, they provide the tutorials and videos, but in addition they also conduct various competitions for photoshop artists. The creators of the tutorials are experts in photoshop and they provide all possible “cheats”, shortcuts and necessary tips to master photoshop. They explain everything right from the beginning.

8. PSHero – They provide the necessary amount of tutorials which any person may need in average. In case you need to handle certain professional tasks with the photoshop, this site will be really helpful. You can sought their help in regard to designing website, creating logo, and other professional tasks.

9. PSDTop – They have various tasks divided into many criteria and can help you to master any technique with ease. They provide various information in regard to Drawing, Digital Art, etc. This website is an aggregator, providing us the tools to learn photoshop and it can also help us be advanced in certain specific divisions of the entire photoshop.

10. PSDlearning – This website was created in the year of 2008. Like any other websites, they also provide us the necessary equipments to master the photoshop. They have created the tutorials with special effects which will help to remember all basic techniques without any problem.

You can also have photoshop effects without using Photoshop and you can also check free photoshop alternatives .

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Last Updated on April 17, 2015

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