Open Source Content Management Systems ( CMS) have been the been the backbone on the entire ecommerce industry. The first quarter of the year recorded a massive amount of $19.2 billion spent on retails online. In fact, this number continues to increase with the coming years. With that much wealth to share, there is no reason why a business should not sell their products online.

Setting up an online store can be done by anyone today as there are a lot of content management systems (CMS) that can help speed up the process.

Top 10 Best open source ecommerce CMS are :


Magento is a highly powerful content management system that has been used by thousands of merchants worldwide. In fact, Nokia, Vizio and a few others also use Magento for their online establishment. The CMS is widely established and finding themes or plugins should not be a problem as these are plentiful in the market.


Another easy way of creating an online store is with Prestashop. It is easy to use and have a lot of plugins and templates available. However, one should note that these additions do not come in cheap. It should be noted that Prestashop is the winner for 2010 Open Source E-Commerce Application.


Having operated for around 10 years, OsCommerce is one of the oldest ecommerce CMS. It has an active community and has a lot of functionalities to offer. Users wishing to have an online store setup quickly can definitely check on OsCommerce.


Those that compare OsCommerce and ZenCart may not notice a lot of differences between them. Both are good in their own ways and are lightweight as well. Users may opt to go with ZenCart simply because they are updated more frequently by the development team.

WP e-Commerce

Need a simple online store set up? Check out WP e-Commerce as it can be set up quickly and effortlessly. It integrates with WordPress and is great for sites selling books, clothing, membership and more!


Want a CMS that can do things that are a bit more complex? Then have a look at Virtuemart. It integrates smoothly with Joomla, one of the most powerful content management systems on the Internet.


Formerly known as Microsoft Commerce Starter Kit, dashCommerce utilizes the .NET programming language instead of PHP. However, dashCommerce limits itself to only Paypal for payment purposes although support for more will be developed in the future.


The 2nd runner-up winner of 2010 Open Source E-Commerce Application offers a very interesting backend for the administrators. It works easily and is very powerful as well. It also supports features such as gift certificates, articles, coupons and a lot more!


Sporting a fresh look, OpenCart is the 1st runner up for the competition mentioned before. It is easy to use and is supported by a lot of webhosting providers today. OpenCart has an extensive extension page for further customization to suit the users’ need.


LiteCommerce is a trimmed down version of the popular X-Cart CMS. It is great for those wanting a simple yet elegant looking online store. It can also be used alongside Drupal as well.

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