The designs and technology used in Computer’s displays are changing every other day. If you haven’t updated the display  of your desktop from a very long time, we’ll recommend you trending LCD monitors which can efficiently carry out daily working tasks as well as provide a decent gaming pleasure. When it comes to purchase a monitor, the display quality is the main thing to check on. For that, we have enlisted the best LCD monitors that offer a decent display quality at attractive prices.  Read on to know about them.

Top 10 LCD monitors to buy in 2013 are :

1. LG DSeries N1941W :


LG’s this LCD network monitor is highly on demand on the current time. This LCD is priced at Rs. 12,000 in the techno market. Fortunately, it comes along with numerous features inside like USB port, 15 pin Dsub, DVi. Talking about its display, it boasts an 18.5 inch full LCD display with 1366×768 screen resolution. You would get one year’s warranty on this monitor.

2. Dell UltraSharp U2311H :


Dell’s Falt panel LCD monitor is priced at Rs. 13,800 in the Indian Techno market. A big 23 inch screen makes a good sense to hold your entertainment things alongside with 920 x 1080 at 60 Hz screen resolution with it. some more display features are like flat screen, anti glare, anti static. You would get 3 years warranty with this LCD screen.

3. LG M227WA :


LG is good with its computer business. LG’s this LCD monitor screen priced at Rs. 13, 500. It packs with all the connectivity options like USB, PS2 and others. 18 inch display looks much enough to get its users a better entertainment. This LCD screen comes along with 1 year warranty.



Panasonic is very well known company in the electronic market. This LCD screen is priced at Rs. 21,000. Of course there’s numerous features packs with this screen. 15 inch screen with 1024 x 768 high resolution. It designed as a flat screen. It also comes along with 1 year warranty.

5. Dell ST2220T :


Dell ST2220T is priced at Rs. 14,500 in the electronic market. It has a 14.5 Inch display screen with a good resolution with it. USB port and other set up options are well kept here on its front at the bottom side. You can control its resolution with brightness and other options. You would get 1 year warranty with this screen.

6. Lenovo Think-vision L2452p :


Lenovo Think-vision L2452p is a great competitor in the market as of the current time. There comes an IPS technology which gives you great picture quality like LED monitors. It has a great brightness at the work and you can have many ports with this monitor. This monitor is priced at Rs. 17,000. You would get one year’s warranty with this LCD screen.

7.  BENQ EW2430 :


The  BENQ EW2430 monito has the best VA panels which gives you the best color production. It changes its resolution according to the sun light and you are allowed to manually set the screen resolution and all the other options. All the connection ports are here with this screen. And this LCD screen priced at Rs. 19,000. Of course it comes along with a one year warranty with it.

8. ASUS MX 23 :


The ASUS MX 23 is there with the bigger display of 23 inch. It is priced at Rs. 11,500. It gives you all the features of an high end LCD display and this is the only reason why people do love to buy this screen. You would have all the connection ports alongside all the setting buttons right at the bottom of the screen.

9. Acer S231HL :


The Acer S231HL is one of the lower power consumption monitor present in the market which is quite an affordable too. It is priced at Rs. 12,000. It uses a TN technology which gives you a better results all the time with your work. You can manually set the screen resolutions and other things. There comes all the data connectivity ports with this screen.

10. ViewSonic VA2406M :


One of the most affordable and popular LCD screen in the market is ViewSonic VA2406M. It is priced at Rs. 8,000 only. It has a feature like LED back lighting, all the connection ports, manually setting option, TN technology, It’s just goof to puchase.

Do let us know if we missed any of your favorite.

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Last Updated on February 24, 2015

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