Google Chrome is one of the most popular browsers that is used by millions of internet users. Google chrome extensions are add-ons that add functionality to your browser and enhance your browsing experience. With hundreds of extensions available one can seriously have a tough time picking up a few for their browser.

Here’s my list of top ten extensions for Google Chrome :

AdBlock – There has always been a debate about advertisement blockers. While some say that they save you from unwanted advertisements others say that they stop you from exploring new sites. Whatever might be your outlook, if you are also looking for any such extension, then AdBlock Chrome extension will help you.  The extension removes majority of ads from a vast number

AdBlock Google Chrome extensionWeb of Trust – The Web of Trust extension protects you from browsing dangerous and phishing websites that might be a threat to you and your computer. The WOT community has ranked millions of websites that are updated continuously based on the ratings given by the users as well as a few trusted listings. The best part is the extension only warns you about the potential threat it does not block the page.

WOT Google Chrome extension

LastPass for Chrome – The extension is free online password manager and form filler that lets you keep a track of all you passwords in a secured manner. One can also import and export their store passwords from and to a number of different major password storage vendors. To secure the stored data, it encrypts it locally before uploading. It also offers like features screen keyboard and One-time passwords for added security.


Send from Gmail – If you are using Google Chrome, then it is likely that you have Gmail account too. This extension saves you from the hassle of copy pasting email addresses from other websites. It redirects any email link on a website to Gmail instead of opening the default MS Outlook.

Send from Gmail Google Chrome extension

Google Mail Checker – The Google mail checker extension helps you keep a track of all your emails by notifying you about any new email as soon as they arrive even if you do not have Gmail open. The extension continuously shows your unread messages next to the address bar. When you click on the extension’s icon the Gmail account is opened in a new tab.

Google Mail Checker Google Chrome extension

IE Tab- There are a few websites that are especially optimized for internet explorer and cannot be viewed in other browsers specially a few by Microsoft. One does not have to let go away those websites just because they are using chrome. The IE Tab extension opens a virtual IE browser within Chrome that enables you to run all those websites without the need to open different browsers.

IE Tab Google Chrome extension

Stop Auto play for YouTube - There are a lot of web pages that have embedded videos which start playing automatically as soon as you browse them which can be a little annoying at times. There are a number of chrome extensions that can stop these videos to play automatically but Stop Auto play Chrome Extension not only stops them but also pre-buffers the video that can be viewed later easily.

Docs PDF/PowerPoint Viewer – The extension lets you view your PDF or power point documents easily as chrome is not very efficient in handling PDF documents. The extension redirects all PDF or PowerPoint Web link to Google Docs, where the document can be viewed as well as edited.

 Docs PDF/PowerPoint Viewer

Session Manager – Whenever you like a page you bookmark it but at times that is not enough. You might need a page as it is with all the current information that might not be available later. The Session Manager Chrome extension helps you out in such situations. The extension enables you to save any running web page. You just need to save the cardboard box icon next to the address bar and the page is saved with a time stamp. So, you can revisit the pages the way they are.

Session Manager Google Chrome extension

Things to Do – It is a simple extension that lets you maintain your daily to do list. Every time you open a new tab you can see the list and edit it too. So every time you remember something just open up a new tab and click on the “ADD” button.

Things To Do Google Chrome extension

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Last Updated on March 12, 2015

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