Adobe Photoshop is a must have thing in any web designer’s list of favourites. This beloved software boasts many options which are excellent in photo editing, designing, modifying, developing etc. But to own this software is a strange fact (price factor), which breaks the heart of many professional geeks. Luckily, there are many replacements available and in open source(and free also) , which can do as much work as Photoshop, sometimes more.

So, here I will tell you about 10 open source replacements for Photoshop, which will meet Photoshop’s power nonetheless.

Top 10 free Photoshop Replacements are :


Optimised for Mac, ChocoFlop is designing software with which great amount of designing work can be done. This program is currently costs some bucks when it has been transformed from current Beta version to higher one. Considering overall, it is worth looking on it.


Krita is a part of the Koffice suit for Linux and is somehow less in capability, than Photoshop. This application, though, had won the best designing application Academy Award, in 2006.The software is well enough to carry out tough designing and development.


This is powerful and very popular image editor , in Mac Platform and it has been one of the easy to use application for web designing and other editorial works. This aren’t free, still it can be afforded to buy. It’s a layer based web editor no doubt.

4- Artweaver-

With many advance tools, this is another open source application to be graded on this list.

It provides layers, group layers and PSD file support for advance level Designers. You can easily load advance filters of Photoshop is this software.


This application is mainly used in studios where animation movies are made , still this application can be used as image editor .Its capability extends to high modification of 32-bit colorization .


Its another strong and regal application in image editing, which includes some great array of features including layer etc. You can call this: a successor of Photoshop.


GNU image manipulation program is one of the ancient known alternative for Photoshop. It is a cross platform and have support of many community , moreover you will find almost all the features of photoshop included somewhere in this application.


This is another cross platform, web based image editor which has recently been taken off due to collaboration with Fickr. This application holds some new and advance features like layers, special effects etc.. and can be regarded one of the best alternatives for Photoshop


This is a very simple application and easy to use. Any work can be done very easily and if you are not a Professional, then this the right application for you. The simplicity of this application cant be understand until and unless you use it for once.


This is an application which is fully loaded with photo viewing, editing. If you are looking for piles of features then this is buddy comes first. This software even converts RAW files to any format of your choice. So it can be regarded as complete all-in-one Photo Toll Kit.

Here are the alternatives that I found very useful and handy and  if you can provide us with any other alternative then do list it on your comment ,It will be highly appreciated. You can also have photoshop effects without using photoshop and if you want to learn photoshop then you must visit top 10 places to learn photoshop online .

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Last Updated on March 09, 2015

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