iPhone is a gadget that no tech lover can ignore. It is a complete gadget in itself. It is equipped with numerous features that make its usage better than others. For smartphone users it’s just like a dream come true having a mobile phone like this. iPhone is simply a superb gadget that every hand is looking for but one need auxiliary elements to enhance the credibility of this gadget. From running servers to cheat sheets, the 10 most coveted iPhone applications are a user’s candy for those who create websites.


• What the Font

This is a free application. You can identify the fonts in a web graphic or photo. It is much akin to a great font in poster or magazine advertisement. You can whip your phone to take a snap. The apps will identify the rest. Instant gratification is the buzz here since it directly connects to MyFonts’, an acclaimed identification service, which helps customer in pinpointing mystery fonts. It works through Wi-Fi or your cellular network. You can get your font fix instantly. You can get the action without a camera also. It works like its desktop counterpart, but permits you to snap pictures.


• Color expert

Admittedly, this particular iPhone app is quite costly. But it’s an endlessly handy and powerful tool that synthesizes different characteristics available in miscellaneous applications. It entails an interactive color chain/wheel for short-listing complementary color packages. You have an image picker which enables you to make palettes from snaps and comprehensive Pantone color stock or library. The exclusive snap and tap precedent is an icing on the cake. The color wheel entails analogous, monochromatic, triadic and split complementary schemes. You can also induce custom colors to a scheme in order to accentuate a harmonious palette.

• Source viewer

This app entails lucrative customer ratings and is also compatible with iPad and iPod touch. You can gauge your web page source code/origin from your phone. It entails a nice and user friendly interface. Experts opine that it is certainly worth its price.

• FTP on the Go

This app is also on the pricey side. It brings all the attributes of an FTP desktop client to your iPhone. Capable of viewing, uploading and updating files from every sphere, it can be a feasible live save in case you need to update/upgrade your site on the go. The new 2.2 version fixes certain subtle annoying bugs which was present in the former versions.


• ServersMan

This free application is for people who want to turn their phones into web servers. It is not a geeky craving or utopia. After installing this app, you can verily access all the files on your phone through a computer on the net. The web DAV protocol helps this cause. Originally in Japanese, the latest versions entail English and support multithread postings and processing. More than one person can get access to this server at a time.

• Web Developer Bible

One glorious aspect about this viable application is that it is also free. This little application is compliant with the essence of its name. It’s a fantastic feature for web developers. It entails references from CSS and HTML code sheets alongside a hex color manipulator/converter.

• Ego

This application lets you pinch your ego by checking on all your personal credentials or status in the media periphery/social networking space. With solid support from services like Feedburner, Ember, Google Analytics and Square-space, the mileage never stops. The chain also includes Vimeo, Tumbler and Twitter, which implies that you have a single place to check the number of hits you are receiving on all your sites within a lone, user-friendly and nice interface.

• Full Browser

This iPhone application entails web browsing on your phone sans the apple Safari precedent at the bottom and top. You can simply tap or shake the screen to percolate the address bar. The bar will disappear once you enter the website. It gives you 25% more screen space pertaining to the portrait mode and 40% more in the case of landscape mode.

• Photoshop.com Mobile App

Adobe gives you the ever popular Photoshop platform. With subtle limitations in functionality, it does rotate, crop, filter and entails saturation and image adjustment. It is a fantastic app for primary image editing. You can also share the results through the concerned account.

photoshop app

• iSEO

It is a good analysis program for any web page in your wish list. You just need to type the page’s URL for analysis. The application entails information on the used keywords alongside every detail about rankings on different search engines and metadata.

With the massive development in mobile technology in the recent past coupled with a dynamic business-media apparatus, web designers have started reaping benefits from these fascinating mobile applications to make their job a lot easier and prettier. IPhone is just matchless and just can’t be ignored. It is a complete gadget in itself and makes your task easier. When it is so good and useful, its protection cannot be ignored too. Protect Your Bubble is a blessing in disguise providing easy and safe gadget insurance whether it is for iPhones, iPads or laptops. If you are a proud owner of an iPhone or planning to buy one then make sure you get your gadget insured for tension free usage.

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Last Updated on March 15, 2015

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