Storage seems to be a never ending problem. But with the intervention of cloud computing another viable storage option has been added to the ones we already have. This option has even become popular since it is cheap, convenient and also provides reasonable storage space. However, in spite of this, probably the strongest appeal this service has is its accessibility. Through such service documents, pictures, videos as well as other saved files can be accessed from a device via the internet.

Top 10 Cloud Storage Apps for Android in 2013 are :

Okay so here are ten of the best storage applications for Android that you should consider for 2013 in no particular order:

1.         Dropbox



This is a properly designed cloud service. It is suitable for synchronizing files across various devices. Regarding mobile access, Dropbox for the most part does well in offering applications for iPad, iPhone, Android as well as for Blackberry. Also, this cloud storage service allows the sharing of files with others through links.

2.         Box

Box has been in this business for a long time. Their service is provided for businesses and often made use of by companies in the big league; at least 90% of Fortune 500 companies make use of this service.

3.         Google Drive            

Google Drive does a wonderful job of incorporating cloud storage/file-syncing with Google Docs. It is good at viewing every type of Google document, and possesses improved editing abilities. It is very fast although there are few options and very little integration with Android.

4.         Amazon Cloud Drive

This service has potential. With a unique focus on media, Amazon Cloud Drive carves a niche for itself. Consequently, it is a must have for every music lover. Amazon also provides great support for content, allowing the uploading of everything and anything digital, including photos, documents plus videos, without any limit placed on file size.

5.         OpenDrive   

The greatest feature that OpenDrive has is that it allows documents to be created on one computer and for this to be accessed and edited online from another computer or an iOS device. One can easily sync all his/her files across various devices with this cloud service. It is a nice tool for smooth collaboration with others.

 6.        iCloud


iCloud is a highly user-friendly cloud service that works seamlessly and beautifully well within Apple’s ecosystem. And, represents a commendable attempt by this brand to unify its product lines with this integrated cloud solution and is a must-have for everyone that is already making use of Apple’s tremendously popular products.

7.         Egnyte HybridCloud


Egnyte HybridCloud is a strong, enterprise-level cloud solution. It certainly isn’t a viable alternative for consumers. However, for professionals as well as for businesses, its hybrid strategy to cloud computing plus storage could be a productive as well as cost-efficient solution.

8.         Wuala by LaCie

One feature that seems to attract everyone here is the secure backup that LaCie drive delivers. Although its application might not be considered premium, security is a high-point with this cloud service and this includes encryption. Consequently, if security is of utmost importance, go get yours now.

9.         Ubuntu One

It works on Android as well as on Windows application and others. And, if you make use of Ubuntu, this is good as you will be able to get 5 GB of data free across platform. In addition, there is equally a dedicated music application for all music lovers. This is fantastic for those who can’t access Google Music for one reason or the other.

10.       Asus WebStorage

For anyone with an ASUS tablet his is a great cloud storage option. With this you can back-up your content. You equally have an added bonus. This involves the ability to create quick notes, which might prove very useful.

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Last Updated on February 23, 2015

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