Few years back, Intel brought another variety of personal computer into the market known as Ultra books. The name “Ultrabook” may seems new but it actually is evolved from Laptop. The Intel has just separated the sleek and battery efficient laptop’s and poured them into a new category called Ultra books.  While the specs of every ultrabook may differ but basically an ultrabook comprises of housing not thicker than 0.83 inch and a battery backup of at least 5 hours. Well if you’re also crazy about ultrabooks then here are top ten ultrabooks for you as over the due course of this article we’ll be discussing about the best ultrabooks available in the market. Read on to know about them.

Top 10 Best Ultrabooks to buy in 2013 are :

MacBook with retina display

Price: $1699

macbook pro

MacBook Pro with retina display is the best ultrabook till the date. It has changes the entire notebook experience. The display is perfectly beautiful and the performance it offers is unmatchable. With MacBook Pro you can do everything that you can imagine, it’s actually the future of personal computing.

Samsung Series 9 15” Premium Ultrabook

Price: $2354

Samsung Series 9 15” Premium Ultrabook

The Samsung Series 9 15inch premium ultrabook is unbeatable in terms of performance. From home to business halls, there’s hardly any PC that can actually beat it off.  With super-fast startups and 2-3 seconds resume from sleep mode, this ultrabook is magnificent.  However, you have to spend a huge money to enjoy it’s almighty performance.

Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Ultrabook

Price: $1.199


You may not be expecting ultrabook from Lenovo at this position but we’re helpless, Lenovo ThinkPad X1 really deserves this position.  It has innovative roll cage style construction which makes it extraordinary tablet from rest of others.

Dell XPS 12 Convertible Touch Ultrabook

Price: $1.199


I know you were missing Dell; well here comes the cool ultrabook Dell XPS 12. This trendy ultrabook from Dell can be transformed into a tablet with its smooth flip and fold mechanism. The display screen is pretty bright and believe us you would really love the touch experience offered by this trendy gadget.

HP Spectre Ultrabook 14t-3200

Price: $1.399


The HP Specture Ultrabook is something extraordinary that really needs to be considered. It has actually pushes all the boundaries of PC and made an extraordinary place among them.  The backlit keyboard is amazing which automatically adjust the light levels depending upon your presence.


Toshiba Portege Z930-S9302 Ultrabook

Price: $1.450

Toshiba portege

Powered with Intel® Core™ i7-3667U Processor, Toshiba Portege is a decent ultrabook with plenty of features like wireless display, LED backlit Display, LED backlit Keyboard, Finger print reader and lot of other standard features. The price however seems little higher than customer’s expectancies.

Acer Aspire S7 Ultrabook

Price: $1.199


Amazingly thin, hardcore housing and Gorilla Glass 2 scratch resistant screen makes the Acer Aspire S7 completely outstanding ultrabook from rest of all. At 11.9mm thickness, the 13.3 inch model is radically impressing. The other model features a 11.6inch screen with 12.mm slim aluminum housing.



Price: $1.100


ASUS ZENBOOk is beautiful and powerful ultrabook. It is designed as an everyday tool for you.  The simple and sleek looking ASUS ZENBOOK is equipped with the latest and powerful features and its HD touch screen is pretty awesome.


Sony VAIO Duo 11 Ultrabook

Price: $1.199


Sony VAIO DUO 11 Ultra book is a Full HD laptop that can be transformed into an incredible stylish touchscreen tablet. While laptop mode can be used to do some serious stuff, tablet mode can be used for quickly accessing the media content or for navigating the webpages easily.


HP ENVY Touch Smart Ultra Book 4t-1100

Price: $799


Windows 8 is good with keyboard and mouse but to get more from it, we’ll suggest you to go beyond mouse and keyboard. Touch experience on Windows 8 and that’s too on a HD display is freaking awesome.  HP ENVY Touch Smart Ultrabook delivers the best touch experience on Windows 8. It has super sensitive touch screen with which you can navigate, zoom, scroll and rotate webpages easily.


Well, if we missed any of your favorite ultrabook, do let us know through comments.

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Last Updated on March 15, 2015

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