Top 10 SEO tools 2013Most of you would have heard of the Phase ” Content is the King ” , but I would just like to question you folks,  ” Which king is powerful without his army? ” . In this era of tough online competition to rank 1 in the search engine ranking , you definitely need a strong army of SEO tools standing by you. It’s not only the quality of content that matters , but its also proper on page and off page search engine optimization that plays a great role in making in rank 1 in the search engine results. Use these Top 10 SEO tools of 2013 , to boost your traffic to newer limits. With all the knowledge, you also need a specific set of tools to complete your quest to master SEO.

Must Have SEO Tools :

Google Webmasters Tool

This is the best tool available online for free. This is Google’s very own product which every blogger should definitely use. Google Webmaster tool is like a report card of a student.

SEO Tool of Google

It tells you each and every minute detail about your website. If you would have done guest blogging, you would also know the significance of do follow back links to your blog. In the world of guest blogging, it often happens that the admin of the website makes your link a no follow after sometime (if you are not paying attention). This tool helps you track the external and internal links to your website. Some of its cool features include:

  • Sitemap Submission
  • Detection of Crawl errors
  • Click through rates in search engines
  • Ranking for different queries


If you have ever made a query in a search engine about SEO before, then I am pretty damn sure that you would have landed on SEOMoz before.  SEOMoz is considered as the best SEO tool for a long amount of time. This tool has a user friendly interface which provides webmasters a detailed report of their website. You should also have MozBar installed in your browser, which would give you all the details of SEO you need, including the details about page elements ( h1, h2 tags) , page attributes ( Meta robots tag, Page load time , Google Cache URL) and all the link analysis data ( external and internal links to the website).

Google Analytic Tools

Webmasters often wonder about the people who are visiting their website. If you are a webmaster who wants to know about the traffic sources, the number of people who are currently viewing your website, the bounce rate of web pages on your web pages; then you are at the right place. Google Analytic tools let you have all this information easily.

SEO tool 2013To use Google Analytic Tools , you need to verify that you are the owner of the website by simply adding an html code in your website’s markup for verification. Once the verification is being done, you can use the power of Google Analytics to know more about the readers of your websites and thereafter design an appropriate strategy looking at the targeted audience to boost your website traffic. Google Analytic Tool is like a tracker which help you get information like:

  • Traffic
  • Traffic Sources
  • Bounce Rate
  • Optimization Suggestions
  • Page Load Time
  • Current Online Users


Woorank for SEOin 2013Most of you folks reading this post, might be new to the concept of SEO. And if you are one , Woorank is the most appropriate tool for you. It is like an online report card on your website which will let you know each and every minute detail about your website and the areas you need to work on, to make your SEO even stronger. This online tool would also give you points out of 100. And You would definitely need to spend a lot of time to make your website score above 90 in its test.

Bing Webmasters tool

Although Google is the most used search engine with 67 percent of market share, you also need to focus on search engine ranking from bing. As Bing still holds around 16 percent of the market share. Bing Webmasters tools have all the powers of Google Webmaster Tools like sitemap submission, Link Analysis, Traffic analysis, Crawl errors etc. This tools also offers you a service to your web pages as bing crawl bots , which is similar to Fetch as Google feature of Google. It also Provides you with an SEO Analyzer ( found under Diagnosis and Tools) , which searches for errors (such has multiple h1 tags) on your website and shows them to you in order of decreasing priority.

Google Adwords keyword tool

All of us write articles, but only a few of us gets traffic from search engine. Getting traffic from the search engines seems to be some kind of dark magic to most bloggers. But this can be easily achieved by using Google Adwords Keyword Tool.

Keyword Analysis Tool for SEO in 2013

You need to write articles addressing the needs of the user. You need to write articles which are unique and which are searched often on the search engine. And to know all this, Google Adwords Keyword tool comes like a blessing. It will help you know the most searched keywords along with Global and Local monthly searches for the keyword. It also tells you about the amount of competition for ranking one for that keyword on Google.

Hubspot Marketting Grader

Do you want to know the effectiveness of your recent online marketing campaign, then this tool is made just for you. Hubspot Marketting Grader just requires you to input your website’s URL , and it will provide you with the detailed report of your online marketing score on a scale of 100, along with tips for improvement.

SEO tool for Analysis in 2013


Every blogger needs a source of income at some point of time in his blogging career. This source of income often comes to a blogger in the form of advertisements. Now, getting an advertisement for your blog is the tricky part. You need to have good site metrics to get in the eyes of advertisers. Alexa is one such metric you need to track on a regular basis. You must install Alexa toolbar to track and monitor the Alexa ranking of your website. It is also said that having an Alexa toolbar on your websites pings Alexa regularly whenever you visit your website or make an update to it.


We often tend to write guest post on websites which are superior to our website in terms of the metrics  such as page rank, alexa and traffic. The tough part is finding website with superior stats. Seoquakeis one such tool , which helps you find website with higher authority. This tool provides you every information about website such as :

  • Page rank
  • Alexa
  • Doman Age
  • Web Pages indexed by Google
  • Web Pages indexed by Bing


There are a lot of people out there wearing a Black Hat of SEO, who don’t care about the rules of authorship and just copy your content without your permission. They don’t care about the copyright laws and they don’t want you to give credit to your hard work for your article. Tynt is a handy tool you must use for your website. Tynt helps you get the credit for your article by automatically adding a back link to your blog post whenever someone copy paste your content to somewhere else. This is a great tool for building links automatically and it’s also safe from Google Updates like the Panda and Penguin.


These tools definitely act like an army to any webmaster and gives him a lot of power but I would again like to emphasize that SEO is not the sole factor which makes you rank top in the search engine results. Unique Content, Shares on Social Network , Google Authorship , Web Page Load time and a lot more factors actually decide the ranking. I would just like to conclude by saying that if you are an author who truly want to help his readers, you would definitely produce content which is of true help to them. And when you do write for people, instead of search engine bots, the day of your online success will start coming near to you.

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