In this advanced technical world, Internet has became an inseparable part of our lives . For browsing internet, web browsers are the core thing. Though there are many browsers available on the Internet but everyone should have a basic knowledge about the ‘Top 10 Desktop browsers’. These top 10 desktop browsers will make your surfing experience better as they are highly featured. I have listed them on the basis of several factors like sources, polls, readers reviews and most prominently, I have considered  features of these browsers while preparing this list.

Top 10 Best Internet browsers of 2012 are :

Google Chrome


Google Chrome


Google Chrome is now world’s No. 1 and most used browser due to its extra-ordinary features .  The browser is owned by Google itself and certainly you can obtain a smooth search experience. It comes with a lucid layout along with external themes support. Additionally, you can install extensions which adds extra power to this browser. Moreover, the best part of this browser is that it has smooth and fast page loading speed.

Mozilla Firefox


Mozilla Firefox


Mozilla Firefox has secured second position in this list.  Earlier Firefox was considered the web surfing application but Chrome took over it due to some serious issues. Still, netizens love Firefox and this browser has still been utilized by millions of people.. The drawback of Firefox is that it eats up lots of system memory and consumes RAM. Also, Firefox can’t handle too many tabs open at a time.  But we cannot deny the fact that Firefox has a fast loading speed for Web Pages and fast browsing is what everyone need nowadays.

Opera Browser


Opera Mini

If we talk about the fastest browser, then obviously your answer would be Firefox or Chrome but this is not the truth. Actually Opera is the fastest browser. Let me put some reasons to support my answer. Firstly, it has fastest web page loading capacity and along with that, it has boosting feature for those who are running on slow Internet connection. The feature that I won’t miss is Opera browser has minimum memory consumption rate compared to other browsers.

Internet Explorer


Internet Explorer

I do not recommend Internet Explorer at all to all people who are on a slow Internet since it takes too much time to load small web pages like Google. Even Internet explorer has more drawbacks to talk about rather than its features. The buffering speed is also very low. Even it does not provide the option to resume downloads. Still, people who have a really good Internet connection speed can manage to browse the web using Internet Explorer. Although it was much famous few years ago, when there was no chrome and no Firefox and other browsers.

Safari Browser


Safari Browser

Recently I heard the name of Safari browser which is Apple’s contribution to the web browsing world. I don’t think you would find a better browser than the ones I have mentioned above. It has normal features that others do and a normal page loading speed. I have used it but I find that it’s much more meant for MAC OS X computers than Windows.

Maxthon Browser


Maxthon Browser

Maxthon is probably new to the field of desktop browsers. Still, it has grabbed the attention of Asian users. It has some exceptional features which makes the browser worth using. It renders the page by 200% which is really good part of this browser. It does support extensions which gives much more comfortableness in this browser.

Rocketmelt Browser


RocketMelt Browser

Rocketmelt was recently released and when it was released, it just became a sensation among web browsers. Most of the people rated it as an amazing browser. Its interesting features were – you get updates about sports and news directly onto your browser. You could even run web apps directly onto Rocketmelt browser. And the best part of this browser was that it was made for Social media geeks as the browser allowed you to have direct access to Facebook, Twitter, Mail, etc.

SeaMonkey Browser


SeaMonkey Browser

Most of the people aren’t aware about the Sea Monkey Browser but it’s a Mozilla’s outdated product which has ambitions to be – a web browser, advanced email, newsgroup and feed client,  IRC chat, and HTML editor in one. The browser completely based on the same foundations of and its browsing speed is also similar to Mozilla Firefox.

Deepnet Explorer


Deepnet Explorer

Majority of people are unaware about Deepnet Explorer. Still it has numerous features as Deepnet Explorer is the world’s first browser with RSS news reader, P2P client integration and phishing alarm. The browser’s superior security, functionality and usability make it different from other browsers.

Avant Browser

Avant Browser

This is yet another browser which people aren’t aware of. Avant browser is a light as well as speedy web browser. It has a real user-friendly interface which takes your browsing to the next level and frequent updates for this browser have made it much reliable.

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Last Updated on April 17, 2014

  1. Trip to India


    There is something for everyone which gives really cool and fast experience for take new experience in this advance environment.

  2. radio stations free

    im still using firefox. its familiar with me. :)

  3. Aditya

    I hardly knew about these except IE,mozilla and Chrome.
    its easy to use them but i will try to use others also.
    thanks for the knowledge

  4. Info Computer Ok

    I think Mozilla is the best

    • Selji Okita

      I think too! But Google Chrome is best use for normal user who dont know much about technology and internet! I agree with this analytics!

  5. Jake

    I’m not surprised to see Google Chrome on the top of the list, this is definitely my favorite and continues to grow solidly every month.

    A lot of these I’ve never even heard of before!

  6. DRG

    Chrome is always THE BEST

  7. Louis

    DRG recently posted..Top 5 Android Phones That Love Ice Cream Sandwich

  8. Ahmad Awais

    Chrome is the best I love it !
    It works really well inn here.

  9. Melissa

    I prefer using Mozilla Firefox, I’m much satisfied with it quality and speed

  10. Julia Spenser

    I’m a big fan of Chrome. I try to use all its extensions and various opportunities, with which I can simplify the process of Internet browsing

  11. Kevin Gabbard

    Firefox has been my browser of choice for the past few years. I’m not sure how the dinosaur that we call Internet Explorer, still remains around other than the fact it is bundled with most CPU’s and most people don’t know how to change it. With that said I have used Chrome also and it is also very good, maybe better than Firefox which I use because of my familiarity with.

  12. Linda

    FF is my browser of choice. Certainly more reliable and secure than IE. Many plug-ins are available.

  13. Mohd Aktar

    am a big fan of opera mini. i like browsers that are fast. if i were a judge, i would choose opera in the speed category and Firefox being the best for handling a lot of tabs at a go. and the rest i can say they are trying.

  14. Google Chrome 19

    Google Chrome is the best! Some years ago I used to use Firefox, but then, I just use Google Chrome as my best favourite browser!

  15. CBSE

    There are so many browser but Google Chorme is best because we do not need the pdf reader or any flash player to any video on YouTube etc.
    Mozilla and Safari also good.

  16. Increase Traffic

    Google Chrome is the best browser very faslty and easy to use.

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