Temple Run 2 : Run for your life, again.

Screenshot_1Imangi studios launched the sequel to their widely popular game app ‘Temple Run’ today on iTunes. The newer version is named ‘Temple Run 2′ (No surprises there!) and follows the same success formula as its phenomenal predecessor with over 170 million downloads on Android and iOS so far.

For noobs (I don’t think there are many), Temple run comes under what we call an ‘Endless Runner’ genre where your character has to run avoiding obstacles and all sorts of stuff. In Temple Run 2, you have stolen the golden idol and must run away from the vicious monkeys (who guard it) chasing you. The premise is hence the same as its predecessor. 

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Being a sequel, it doesn’t mess with the essence of the game but adds interesting new features like bumped up graphics, new environments, addition of zip lines and twisting paths. A new mine cart section is added, where your character leaps into a cart and you have to steer it through avoiding the stray beams and forks.

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The game runs on the Freemium system, where players have two types of virtual currencies : coins and gems. Both are used to buy new characters and upgrade powers.

The game has its charm and is enjoyed by people who aren’t ‘gamers’. The addiction will continue. It is currently available only for iOS 4.2+ and is expected to come to Android within a week. You can download the game here.

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