Sharing your dard, literally!

A lot of times people find themselves facing or having faced situations which hurt them emotionally. This is what it says on the website and its completely true. What happens later, almost everyone of us is aware of that. Many a times, we find ourselves sharingour grief with some of our close ones; but sometimes it gets so bad, that we feel alone even in a group of people.

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Remember, we had those confession pages few months back? They did everything to a confesion except share the burden of the confessor. Then, A group of brillinat IIM-L graduates took it a notch up by starting up, a website that allows you to share your dard(pain/grief) anonymously and also provides support and valuable advice to you as well.

We interviewed Lima from recently, and we would like to share the conversation with you.

What is it about? is an online platform for people who want to share their innermost, confusing, frustrating thoughts, past experiences or current problems, which they are otherwise not comfortable in sharing even with their close friends, or simply don’t have someone to share it with. The community also helps each other through their past experiences giving advice to people stuck in similar situations. At you would find a listener, a shoulder to lean on and the support to move on.

How did you come across the Idea?

The idea came up during our college days at IIM Lucknow. We were simply sharing our own issues with friends and that is when is struck us that we should make a common place accessible to everybody where they can be anonymous and let go of their emotional baggage. But soon after college we got placed in MNCs and the idea remained so. Almost a year into our jobs we felt the need in our lives to have such a community online; that is when the idea actually took shape and we started working on it.

Target Audience, if any?

Our target audience is people staying in Metros with access to Internet and above the age of 15 years.

 Any similar services exist? 

Since the concept of accepting one’s emotional weak self is not stigmatized in West, there are similar forums which exist in some parts where people vent out in general. Some counselors also provide similar services at a smaller scale.

How is your startup different from the others (Facebook Confession Pages)?

As we already mentioned, there is nothing yet that understands emotions in its entirety and gives the users feeling of community. Even in Facebook Confession Pages there is simply a one-way interaction – screened and posted by the admin.

Something you would like to tell about the founders?

Well there are three founders – Sumant Gajbhiye, Gaurav Rajan and Ritika Sharma and a core team member – Lima James. We all belong to the same IIM Lucknow Batch –Batch of 2011. All three have worked for big corporates like Airtel and Accenture, Wipro and Batelco, GlaxoSmithKline and Lenovo respectively.

Any hurdles you faced while establishing the startup?

We did face some hurdles. Other than the usual ones like the decision to leave a well-paying job for a startup and family pressures, one of the major problems came from vendors. Many-a-times we would schedule some milestone based on the date promised by our vendors however we almost never got the deliverables at the promised time. Things would then go on back burner or we would have to re-schedule every other thing that depended on that deliverable.

 Any Funda for budding Entrepreneurs?

If you are planning to be an entrepreneur you need to believe in your idea. People may or may not understand and accept it but it is your baby and you need to make people understand; make them see it through your eyes. At the same time you also need to get others opinion about your product and the strategy for your venture because sometimes your own ill-conceived preconceptions may make you take biased decisions.

Anything else you would like to add?

I think that would be it. We would definitely love you to become a user of SharingDard ; and help others on the network. Do give us any feedback you have about the idea and/or the website.

We checked the website and were amazed to see how simple yet effective is their idea. We encourage our dear readers to check the website and use it for your benefit.

Here is their team pic,


Lima James, Gaurav Rajan, Sumant Gajbhiye and Ritika Sharma (from left to right)


And Comptalks wishes them huge success in future! Keep up the noble work, guys. :)

Link to the website :


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