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The Indians have been known worldwide for the grand marriages that we arrange for our loved ones. The whole process, is literally not easy at all.  The intricacies of the proceedings involves piles up to a long list of things to do., a startup website by Manish  & Sameer Grover is set to take care of all those with added features like Dealer / Vendor ratings.


The article is the first in the row of Comptalk’s  a startup a week section. We had a online  tete-a-tete with the founders of, and the following is what we learnt from them.

Comptalks : What is it about?

Manish : is a portal which aims to be a complete one-stop shop for all wedding planning needs
• Online Wedding Planning magazine
• Search Engine for the rated and reviewed vendors and agencies
• Bridges the gap between buyers and sellers
• Also offers Expert Guidance


We seek to provide everything that to-be weds might want to know about wedding planning, we provide them all the info they may ever need: vendors reviews, ratings, contacts; ideas and suggestions; tools etc to make their wedding planning a much more organized process

There is no one stop shop and Wedding planning being such an elaborate task, it becomes very difficult without a guiding hand. ShaadiMagic provides a step by step guide on how to plan and manage a wedding. Helping to be brides, grooms and their family from woes of wedding planning by providing all the information such as trends, planning tools, online shopping facility, nearby rated and reviewed vendors, experts and personalized wedding website option at same place.

CT : How did you come across the idea?

M : I always wanted to start something on my own and move off the beaten path and want to create something innovative.
As always looking for a business opportunity, in February 2011 at my friend’s wedding an idea struck me, to start a wedding planning portal where to-be weds can get all the required information and make their tedious wedding planning experience comfortable. I discussed the idea with my brother and couple of my friends; we researched and found no noteworthy market player in the online wedding planning space. We proceeded to launch an online portal, a one stop shop for all wedding needs in the month of April 2011 where to-be weds can get all the required information to plan their dream wedding and make their tedious wedding planning experience easier. Since then, there has been no looking back; our team has started updating the portal, adding new features, forming strategic tie-ups and continuously adding new services & content to make it big in the wedding industry. It has been great learning experience till now and we wish to continue exploring new vistas and finding new horizons with each step that we take.
This has given us an opportunity to experiment and a continuous learning experience. Knowing the fact that our services are helping thousands of people every moment keeps us motivated to pursue our entrepreneurial journey.

CT  : Who is your target Audience?

M : We are targeting Web 2.0 generation who are engaged and their family members. In India there are 10million plus unique registered members of matrimonial sites which would be our potential audience. And 400 million people would marry in India in next 15 years, will rescue even more number of families from the woes of wedding planning in coming years.

CT : Any hurdles you faced while establishing the startup?

M : There are many which every first generation entrepreneur faces while establishing their startup such as family pressure, funds, strategy, hiring issues etc. But as people say “Where their’s a will, their’s a way”.

CT : Who are the founders/ Who runs the company?

M : Manish Grover, an MBA in Marketing and Engineering in Electronics & Communication is the founder of which is one of its kind wedding planning portal in India. He is having 3 plus years of experience in Entrepreneurship, Marketing and Consulting projects for startups as well as with top management firm  wherein he handled projects worth over $ 1 billion. He is a startup enthusiast who dreams to make his small venture into a ‘big corporate’.

Sameer Grover, an Engineer in Electronics and Communication is the Co-founder of He is having 8 plus years of experience in IT infrastructure and support services. He is a hard worker, innovator and has clear set of goals in life.

CT : Any funda for Budding Entrepreneurs?

M : Always sell above your comfort zone: Don’t be shy and sell yourself and your product or services to both consumers and investors.

Founder’s Note

Do rate and review listed wedding vendors and spread the word to help millions of to-be weds :)

If you want your startup to be featured in a similar way, head to the page .

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