Sometimes when you are doing some work on your PC and your mouse stops working be  it any for any reason and you cant find any way out for replacing your mouse for a new one immediately and you find using “TAB” or “ALT+TAB” as cumbersome then here is the best solution for you for temporarily completing your work till you get your mouse repaired or replaced.

To enable the keyboard shortcut hold the  left alt+ left shift+Num lock key together like shown in the diagrams below.

if you are using windows 7, then the following message would appear on your window. Clock on the “OK” option to enable the shortcut.

then you can use the following keys on the Num Pad

7        8        9

4                   6

1         2        3

To navigate your cursor throughout the screen:

  • Press 5 for normal click.
  • To close the navigation of cursor with the help of  keyboard simply swith num lock off by pressing Num Lock button on the keyboard.

You can also do advanced adjustments by clicking on  “Go to the ease of access centre to disable the keyboard shortcut”  which is written on the window which pops up.

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Last Updated on April 16, 2015

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