On Tuesday Microsoft has released Internet Explorer 10 preview for Windows 7.Though the new redesigned browser IE 10 has already released with Microsoft’s new operating system Windows 8.As Internet Explorer is not on the Top web browsers available today , but it certainly looks good to cover up the difference by other browsers like Google Chrome,Mozilla Firefox etc.Chrome being on Top of the web browsers list is the fastest web browser on the other hand Internet Explorer 10 provides you the best security in web browsing.

IE 10 isn’t compatible with windows XP, Vista and any other older Windows version.Since now Microsoft is planning to get its hold on tablet devices/touch screen devices market,that’s why IE 10 is made on the grounds of touching capabilities.Internet Explorer 10 Release Preview also sends the “Do Not Track” signal to Web sites by default to help consumers protect their privacy.Win 7 users will receive all the performance, security, and under-hood changes that enable a better Web experience.So you don’t have to upgrade your PC to Win 8 to get all these features by Internet Explorer 10.If you are thinking of an upgrade to Windows 8,we have reviewed Windows 8 , you can take a look here .

“More than 670 million licenses for Windows 7 have been sold since its release in 2009.Microsoft is hoping many website developers will download and install Internet Explorer 10 on their Windows 7 machines and see the browser’s potential for making online services more compelling and dynamic. If that happens, more websites may include features that take advantage of Internet Explorer 10’s full capabilities on the bevy of Windows 8 machines expected to be sold during the next year”Ryan Gavin, Microsoft’s general manager for the browser.

This new browser from Microsoft has a new reading feature like when you are reading an article on a site, you can just swipe across the screen to continue reading the next page instead of having to scroll down to click on a link, as most browsers require. Also games such as “Contre Jour” played on Internet Explorer 10 will work as well, or even better, than those packaged in applications.IE10’s main purpose is to make viewing websites as enjoyable and convenient as using applications tailor-made for specific mobile devices.


This chart shows the results of 21 Mandelbrot preset calculations run in IE10, Chrome 23, and Firefox 16 on Samsung Series 9 laptop with an Intel® Core™ i5-2537M CPU @ 1.40 Ghz with 4GB of memory running 64-bit Windows 7

Internet Explorer 10 is an entirely new IE browser. It’s fast, fluid and perfect for touch. Try it out for yourself on a Windows 8 device or, if you are a Windows 7 user you can download the preview from here.


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Last Updated on March 10, 2015

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