Have you ever faced difficulty in searching your inbox for attachments? Did you ever want to download any attachment again? If so, the solution to your problem is Attachments.me. It integrates your email and makes your search easy. You can search for attachments located either in a message or multiple messages. You can also save files to your cloud – Dropbox, Box, Google Drive and Sky Drive.

Installing Attachments.me
Go to the Chrome web store and search for attachments.me

Click on the ADD TO CHROME button. A confirmation dialog box appears. Click on Add.

After the installation is finished you will be prompted to open Gmail. Go ahead and open your Gmail. After signing in you will notice a quick guide to Attachments.me message on your screen.

Start the tour by clicking on get started button and then click Allow button.

Linking to Cloud Services
You can link your account to different cloud service such as Dropbox, Box Google Drive and Sky Drive. I chose to link my Google Drive account by clicking on Link your account button.

You will be requested for permission to view and manage files in Google Drive. Allow access to it. You will be redirected to Attachments.me page. You can add and manage your other cloud accounts using the Account options displayed on the top right corner of the page.

Searching and Saving
Go to Attachments.me page and Sign in with your Google account. You can search for attachments of different types and the search results are displayed in a beautiful manner. You can also be account specific and search for a particular type such as images,music,videos,etc. Options for viewing or downloading your attachments is included.

Saving files to cloud

When you open any mail with an attachment, Attachment.me detects it and displays to the right of the mail. You can send the attachment to your cloud.

Attachments.me is integrated directly with the search of Gmail. You can search for attachments by choosing the Search attachments option.

You can also specify a set of rules to be followed for saving your files on to cloud. You can choose the type of attachments as well as the path for saving your attachments and also add conditions on sender’s email, subject, file name ,etc.

Attaching files

With Attachments.me installed and configured you can now directly attach files stored in your cloud services.Sharing a link is easier and faster than browsing the file, uploading or dragging it.

Attachments.me has changed the current scenario of email attachments. Try this extension and I am sure that you will free yourself from frustrations.

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Last Updated on June 03, 2015

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