Websites are an indispensable tool in today’s technology oriented generation. Be it an e-commerce portal or a freelance artist, websites are the best way to showcase skill, information and inventory to the world. In short, every business needs a website. Unfortunately, everyone doesn’t know how to build a website on their own, and web designers (like me!) charge hefty sums for doing the same. The monetary facet isn’t an issue for big corporate houses, but it sure matters in small businesses and startups.

Hiring a web designer is a smart choice only if you need you site customized to cater specific services. However, if you want something generic and already prevalent in the market; website builders are a good option to try out.

What exactly are website builders? A website builder is a program (Maybe be Online/Offline) which gives a simple GUI to design websites generally on a preset template. The user is not required to have prior coding knowledge to use a website builder.  Hence, a website builder is something you can build a website in with just a few clicks and without any helter-skelter.

imcreator is a similar website builder which is very simple and yet has elegant features to work with. With a number of built in templates which range from Bio/Resume to law firm websites. If you are associated with a small business, it is most likely that you will find what you need in one of the templates, you can check their templates at Needless to say, that all the templates look stunning. They have showcased some great looking sites built using imcreator here.


This small video pretty much portrays what all features does imcreator  have :

Some of the great features of imcreator are :

  • Wide assortment of Templates.
  • Easy page management.
  • Simple interface for editing and adding page elements.
  • Easy social integration.
  • Templates include a mobile view mode meant from handheld devices.
  • Simple Domain integration.
  • SEO and Google Analytics integration.

Even if you a noob with no website and web designing knowledge, helps you purchase a domain and link your page to it with just a few clicks. What I found very cool is the mobile view built right into the template. Here is a page that I made in less than a minute (would have taken me 30 mins at least on HTML/CSS to do the same) for myself.

Capture also connects with Google Analytics tracking to show real time analytics of your website. To conclude, If I ever have to make a simple website again without much customization and database requirement, I (being a web deisgner myself) wouldn’t hesitate using imcreator for the same.

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Last Updated on April 23, 2014

  1. Kyla

    Yes IMCreator is useful for beginners as it does n’t needs coding knowledge. It has got a lot of templates which can be made use of.

  2. Lee

    Hi I will have to take a look at Imcrator I have been using webeden and I like it but will give it a look to check out the templates to see if they are an improvement or not.

    So for that info thanks lee

  3. Matt

    Hey !
    I am new in this field. I really found this post helpful for me. Imcreator sounds really useful.

  4. Rahul

    Hello, i think now a days many websites available on the internet who providing online Website building. No doubt Webeden, Wix , imcreator are top free website builder provider.

  5. Josep

    Seems like a nice application but in the end users will probably rather buy some good premium theme. Good design is almost guaranteed here and that is very important these days. I recommend themeforest for those who dont know this marketplace.

  6. MetaTrader 4

    I read some of your post and I learned a lot of knowledge from it. Thanks for posting such interesting articles.

  7. Daniel

    Thank you for the information that is so interesting. Look again for new and interesting things from you soon.

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