The first we saw of Internet Explorer 10 was when Windows rolled out their new operating system and until now, it was restricted to the OS. IE10 is now being made available for download for Windows 7 as well. This surely took a long time coming considering that the preview version of IE10 for Windows 7 came out last November. People running the preview version will be first in line for the auto-upgrade plans of the Redmond software giant. The rest of the users of Internet Explorer 9 will also be automatically updated to the latest version in the following weeks. By the way, that’s about some 700 million people worldwide. Wow.

All in all, great news for Windows 7 users for IE10 really is a class above its older sibling. Microsoft claims that the new version is as much as 20% faster on Windows 7 than IE9. There are also more privacy and security options and ships with the “Do Not Track” turned on by default. IE10 is 60% more standards-compliant than IE9 too. These improvements include CSS3 Gradient, SVG Filter Effects, HTML5 Forms, HTML5 Sandboxing and File Reader API to pick a few from a long list. So modern HTML5 websites should not have any trouble running on Windows 7 with IE10 now.

IE10 for touch

              IE10 for touch

There aren’t many touch devices around that run Windows 7. But Microsoft is going out of its way this time to highlight this fact that IE10 is touch-enabled. And when I say ‘highlight’, I mean a whole ad campaign focusing on that. Here, take a look at the advertisement at the end of this article and then hop over to this website and check it out for yourself.

Truly Internet Explorer 10 is the first version of the browsers in many years to give its competitors a run for their money and coming to Windows 7 platform will only add to its firepower. But unlike browsers like Chrome and Firefox, IE10’s inability to run on older operating systems will hamper its quest to become the dominant player in the browser market.

Here is the advertisement video I mentioned.


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Last Updated on May 23, 2015

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