Got infected by Gphone.exe virus?

gphone.exe is nowadays one of the most dangerous virus spreading very fastly.Its a trojan and changes your IE homepage and sends tries to open gtalk and yahoo messenger.It even sends messages to gtalk contacts.Its icon is just like that of folder icon and people thinking of folder click on it get infected by the virus.
Gphone virus basically is a 260 kb .exe file which looks like a folder and it can take any name of any other folder if you have clicked on the virus folder which looks like a folder but it isnt.If you have a folder name “comptalks” in your D drive it will make a exe file in the folder named comptalks.exe and if you click on that exe file it too work as a virus.It makes .exe files in all the folders you have with the name of the folder.

To remove the gphone.exe virus you just need to follow simple steps:

Go to Task Manager ->Processes and then click on gphone.exe and click on end process.

After that manually go to folder where gphone.exe is present and simply delete it.
Or simply search for the exe file clicking which started sending messages through gtalk. If you clicked on 1.exe search for that file on task manager and then delete it.
Or simply use the Glary Utilities freeware to remove the exe files.
After installing the Glary Utilities.Open it and go to the modules tab -> Files and Folders-> Duplicate files finder. Then search for .exe files of same size and delete all the files with size 260 kb.

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Last Updated on March 14, 2015

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