How to check facebook pending friend requests and remove them

Sometimes you want to see if a particular guy whom you sent a friend request in Facebook added you or not.You can do this manually by searching for him/her if the number of friend requests sent by you is less. If you have sent friend requests in bulk when you created a new facebook account,then it gets quite tough for you to check which friend  has added you and who hasn’t .Few days back we also wrote on how to invite all your friends to your facebook page ,you might also like that.

To check Facebook pending friend requests,you need to download a script called Unfriend Finder ,which works quite cool for finding the pending friend requests. It also tells you which friend rejected your request or who removed you from their friendlist.

This script works on 4 browsers Chrome,Firefox,Opera and Safari . I tested it on Google Chrome and it worked like charm.

Steps to follow to check pending friend requests in facebook :

  • Download the script from here.
  • Log into your Facebook account . You will find something like this on your Facebook account .
  • Now click on the Unfriends Link.
  • After that you will find something like this :
  • Just click on the Awaiting Friends link and you will get list of the people who haven’t added you and then you can remove them manually.
  • If you have this script on your browser for a good amount of time,then whenever someone removes you from their friendlist you will get a notification.
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