Google Mapathon 2013

Google-Maps-iOS-App-LogoGoogle India announced ‘Mapathon 2013′, a mapping competition for Indian users yesterday. The competition aims at improving Google’s Map’s database by encouraging users to use Google’s Map maker tool to add their knowledge of neighborhoods. The competition starts on February 12th, 2013 and goes till 25th of March, 2013.

The top 1000 mappers have a chance to win Samsung Tablets and Smartphones, Flipkart gift vouchers and Google Merchandise. Interested now? To participate, you must register yourself here.


Google Map Maker, which was first conceptualized in India, is a easy to use tool where you can select a specific area on Google Maps and add new information based on your own local knowledge or by referencing the satellite imagery on Google Maps.  With just another click, you can save and submit your input — and once the submitted edit has been verified, the new information will be added to Google Maps.

Jayanth Mysore, product manager of Google India says,

“Google aims to provide better maps for India by building better maps for the users, by the users. What started off as an initiative by a few Google engineers is now used across the world and today, citizens across India can participate in this great project through Mapathon 2013.”

The competition is part of Google’s endeavour to “organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful” . Google Recently launched similar competitions in College campuses but at a much smaller scale.

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