Today the search engine giant Google, has launched its ” Person finder ” app to offer relevant information on missing people in flood-affected areas in the country, especially UttarakhandGoogle Person finder helps people reconnect with friends and loved ones in the aftermath of natural and humanitarian disasters.


Since last week, the state of Uttarakhand in India has been grappling with severe floods. Given that most of these areas in the state are highly inaccessible with intermittent communication, Google Crisis team bring you the Person Finder, The programme also lets press agencies, non-governmental agencies and others contribute to the database and receive updates by using the Person Finder API based on the PFIF open standard. ” the blog post by Jayanth Mysore, Google APAC Senior Product Manager, said.

All the data entered into the app is public, anyone can trace/search out their missing ones. You can even upload the details of someone rescued from the disaster. If you are looking for someone then uploads his/her data into the app , since the data is public so anyone can see that. If you have information about someone ,  then you can also upload his/her information from this people will find information about their friends and family members.

According to the official count, 150 people have been found dead in the disaster that was hit by cloudburst and floods and around 60,000 people are still said to be stranded in the various parts of Uttarakhand. Both Army and Air-Force have started their high level rescue plan for the state, 45 helicopters are working to help the people.

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Last Updated on June 03, 2015

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