The Social networking site from the Search Giant, has gained its spot to no 2. According to a recent report done by GlobalWebIndex (Global Web Index used data from 31 countries, which constitute 90% of the world’s population), Google+ has become the second largest most popular website on the internet. The report has been done on the basis of ‘active users’, Facebook remained on the first spot, followed by Google+, Twitter and YouTube.  Google+ had not performed well on its launch but till Q4 2012 it has managed to do well and moved to 2nd spot. According to the published report 25% active users use Google+ while whopping 51% users are active on Facebook on monthly basis. Twitter and YouTube has a share of 21% active users in a monthly basis.


According to the report :

“Data collected in GWI.8 (Q4 2012) demonstrates the continued shift in usage from localised social platforms to global ones with huge growth for Twitter, Google+ and Facebook. The fastest growing network in 2013 in terms of ‘Active Usage’ (defined as ‘Used or contributed to in the past month’) was Twitter which grew 40 percent to 288m across our 31 markets (approximately 90 percent of global internet population). 21 percent of the global internet population now use Twitter actively on a monthly basis. This compares to 21% actively using YouTube, 25 percent actively using Google+ and a staggering 51percent using Facebook on a monthly basis,” says the report.


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Last Updated on April 17, 2014

  1. Lexi

    That’s interesting though hardly believable. I mean, who’s on Google+ anyway? Google+ is a promising social networking site but when pitted against others, I think they will need a few years more of exposure before they top the charts.

  2. Doreen Dickens

    I’m not surprised that Google + is doing so well. I have not been on the network for long but i can tell that the amount of people i have been able to connect it so that is massive. Facebook, watch out for this space, Google + is on fire!…Nice stuff and thanks for sharing.


  3. Boating Community

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  4. Kent Morris

    I used google+ long time and it was really effective and more widely range to be a social networking site. I do really having fun with using google plus.


  5. Prateek

    G+ might have become the second largest social network but it is being used by mainly professional and webmasters,, common people sill going with facebook and the graph clearly indicates difference between the two..

  6. harish

    Yeah you are right divyanshu sharma. In Google+ most business peoples contact with them for their business needs. Google+ is also a one of the best way for improving our business. This is the main reason behind Google+ improvement. Thanks sharing great information to us..

  7. syed

    Im bigest fans of Google plus how can i increase google plus like its very helpful for site ranking Dear ADMIN pleas give me few ideas Thanks

  8. Jack Roy

    It is good to see that Google plus is on fire! That’s interesting. I completely agree that Facebook is great channel for bringing free website traffic. That is, if you’re doing them correctly! Twitter and Google plus is beneficial if we belong to some reputed organizations or brand. Thanks for sharing this informative post!

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