Here’s a brand new game from Ubisoft, a successor of Far Cry 2 which took you to an African nation where you got infected with malaria. In Far Cry 3 though, it’s a whole new story with a lot of things to discover and enjoy while immersing on the game. Without further ado, here’s Far Cry 3.



Far Cry 3 plot

The story begins with a group of friends who landed on what they perceived as a paradise island. After they landed on the island, you did a lot of merry making along with your friends, partying, drinking, and all that good stuff. What you don’t know when you were asleep was that, you were abducted with your friends by pirates through its leader named Vaas. Then you escaped from the prison camp were the story begins. Moreover, your ultimate goal is to find and rescue your friends.

In the story, you will be playing a role of a guy named Jason Brody who was from Los Angeles, who had good grades back in college, and was an athlete. Only to find out that after you graduated, you landed to jobs that were not of your liking. So then on, you had yourself on skydiving trips, mountain climbing, parasailing, and snowboarding.  Furthermore, on your family background, your father’s already dead, an older brother named Grant also died recently, and you have your younger brother left with you whose name is Riley.

In Far Cry 3, you will experience a different Jason Brody that even his friends won’t recognize him.

Far Cry 3 Gameplay

As you go through different missions and side missions, you definitely need the help of a map and you do not have to worry getting from one place to another because you have a lot of options to choose from. You’ve got jeeps with machine guns, a car, jet ski to get you off the river or if in case you need to hop from one island to the other, a zip line from getting out of a radio tower, and many more. Speaking of a radio tower, on the game, you have to climb tons of radio towers as part of your mission, and there you’ll see the beautiful scenery of the island. In Far Cry 3, basically you need to clear outposts to get a safe house where you can save your progress, store and get some of your stuff. Weapon customization is also available on the game as you progress which is something that we are looking for in a game. Additionally, you can buy different attachments, and upgrade your weapons as you go along.

This is a first person shooter, and being in a free world, in a jungle specifically, you will encounter different animals that might attack you, like tigers, bears, and sharks to name a few, but you would also need these animals as one feature of the game is crafting where you tend to get different animal skin to create a new holster so you could grab more than one gun, more money and more magazines for your ammo with you. Likewise, you also need different plant varieties so you could have potions to improve your health or senses.

When you are on a specific mission, you can tag your enemies before going down on camp so you would know where your enemies are going and they don’t get ahead of you. The main person that you have to kill will be tagged as yellow and the other guys will be on orange so you’ll be guided on how to plan your attack. Moreover, you can use different kinds of weapons like rocket launchers, flame throwers, AK’s, grenade, Molotov cocktails, machine-guns, and etc. If you’re out of ammo, you can use your stealth skills to kill the bad guys and grab any of their weapons.


Overall, the game has superb graphics, and the story line is not boring as well as the character on the game. I definitely recommend Far Cry 3 if you looking for first person shooters, with great story line, lots of actions and missions.

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Last Updated on June 02, 2015

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