With smart phones, iPhones and iPods around us, powering these devices is still a problem. Are you a victim of low battery? Do you run out of power frequently?  Engineers and geeks at Epiphany Labs have come with a trendy concept to keep your devices alive. Epiphany onE Puck charges your iPhone, iPods, Android phones, and any device that uses USB to charge drawing 1000 mA or less.  OnE Puck is a portable, disc shaped, heat engine with two sides – red one for using a hot coffee and the blue side for a cold beer.


How does it work? Well, the technology behind onE Puck is the Stirling engine. The Stirling engine converts heat into energy. This is not a new technology, but an old one that has come into the gadget world. A Stirling engine uses the compression and expansion of air or other gas at different temperature levels to convert heat into energy. I am not more into machines but if you are interested to know what exactly the Stirling engine does, you can find it here.


The OnE Puck will not work with all drinks, as it mainly works based on heat disparity. So don’t try to charge your phone with a mug of tap water. You need drinks that are either very hot or cold enough to create the required heat difference. Once your coffee becomes warm, the rate of charging will decrease with time. Hence the problem of constant power supply arises. Engineers at Epiphany labs are working on concepts to store energy at the very beginning – the stage when your coffee/beer is very hot/cold.

“Epiphany’s onE vision is to share the lovE: to change our onE world, with onE solution at onE time.”

You can use onE Puck anywhere and anytime, all you need is a hot coffee/tea or a cold can of beer/coke. Charging would certainly take longer time but believe me something is always better than nothing. Currently, Epiphany onE Pick is a prototype project seeking for funds at Kickstarter. The startup aims to get $100,000 and they already have managed to get $61,920 today. You can contribute to witness the 196 year old technology in action. You can start with a minimum of $1 by clicking here.

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Last Updated on June 02, 2015

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