Internet data analytics company statcounter have reported that Chrome has leapfrogged Firefox to be the second most popular web browser in the world. If one is to beleive the report, Chrome’s growth rate is staggering and is well on course to beat IE for the top spot.

Chrome gained an extra 21% market share over the year while IE dropped around 16%. Firefox’s new fast development cycle does not seem to take them ahead in popularity. It dropped in popularity by around 7% as well. Opera and Safari remain out of the picture in the race to be the most popular web browser.

Here is the worldwide browser usage statistics over the past one year:

But who did not foresee this? Kindof expected, right?

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Last Updated on April 17, 2014

  1. Mia

    This is no surprise, however i’m intrigued that IE still occupies the front position. No one i know uses IE.

  2. Thesis

    Well, I think we have seen it coming one day ^^ Google has some really huge resources to develop and evolve their browser day by day. I think at some point there is even possible merge of Mozilla Foundation and Google, since Google was supporting them over years and relationships between two organizations are pretty friendly even though they are competitors at this moment. Now it’s just a matter of time when Chrome OS will go wild and deliver Chrome as default browser (same as Microsoft doing with IE).

  3. Careless driving

    Yahoo has enabled us to access yahoo messenger from MAIL page. But seems it is available only in IE7 and mozilla firefox. How do I configure my Apple Safari web browser so that I can use yahoo messenger in the mail page like Internet Explorer ?

  4. atvs cheap

    I agree to this blog’s firefox to be the second most popular browser and i am allready useing firefox more than 5 years. Firefox browser is the faster browser, So thanks for this blog.

  5. Paula Brown

    I guess its day has come. Firefox has tons of apps to make life easier. While google chrome is stable. While both has its advantages and disadvantages. I must agree that the contest of who is number one is hands down. Nice post!

  6. Prithvi

    There is not a big deal in that, with recent changes, google chrome has surely become the biggest choice for users to use. I love it, and so as other users.

  7. BuySellWordpress

    The same as Mia I have no acquaintances who use EI, the majority uses Chrome as well as Firefox. I also use both these browsers and I’m quite satisfied with them

  8. Make Firefox faster

    I find Google Chrome usually faster than Firefox, but there are some tricks to make Firefox load pages faster, enabling network pipelining. I also sometimes find Chrome more stable. It’s also a question of taste and of habit.

  9. Richard

    Not surprised. I love my Chrome installation. I will never return to sluggish IE. While Firefox is a decent browser, you can beat browsing the web / Internet with Chrome, the simplicity, speed and GUI are tops.

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    Google chrome is the one of the fastest web browser .I always use this web browser.

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    That’s a great news because i always use the google chrome which is the second fastest web browser.

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    Google chrome is the one of the fastest web browser .I always use this web browser.

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