With the launch of new BlackBerry operating system and its two smartphones Z10 & Q10. I can say that the future of Blackberry mobiles is safe now. When Apple launched the first iPhone, BlackBerry refused to admit that the future of smartphones will be in touchscreen hardware with friendly, innovative interfaces. At that time nobody can even thought of what touchscreen smartphones can do. As we have witnessed the booming sales of the iPhone, then the Samsung Galaxy SIII etc. Nokia also followed the path in which Apple and Samsung had already taken , and launched its flagship smartphone the Nokia Lumia 920.BlackBerry has taken its time to build an operating system which can give a tough competition to its arch rivals. For BlackBerry the stakes were high, the company has to change its old operating system. Then the BlackBerry came up with an Operating System which has stunned everyone. The new BlackBerry OS 10 has almost everything which can certainly give a tough competition to its rivals. Following the launch of its new operating system, BlackBerry has unveiled two smartphones Z10 and Q10. We have compared the Blackberry’s Z10 with its arch rival’s the iPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy S III, Nokia Lumia 920 and Google Nexus 4.


Blackberry Z10 comparison with high-end smartphones :

So out of these which one you want to buy? Tough choice for you don’t worry I’ll guide you through my opinions. If you want to buy a trendy one then just go for the iPhone 5 because I think it has got better looks than all these smartphones. If you are a power user then you should go for Google Nexus 4 or the new BlackBerry Z10 because they have a good processor with high clock speed and also both have 2GB of RAM which I think is more than enough for a smartphone. For moderate users the Samsung Galaxy SIII or the Nokia Lumia 920 will be an option for them as both have a good camera and overall good features. Well looking in terms of Operating System I think both Android and iOS would still be the first choice for users. As both have an ample amount of apps in their app store. Following them I think BlackBerry’s new OS would be a good option for you. If you are a working person then I highly recommend BlackBerry Z10 as it is powerful and it can give you a good support in preparing your presentations and all.

But still out of all these distinguishing features BlackBerry has to improve their app store to attract more customers. If you ask my personal opinion on the basis of price , availability of apps and other specs , I would definitely go for Google Nexus 4 as I am a big android fan and don’t forget that Nexus 4 is the powerful smartphone above all . It has a good camera and a good screen resolution. Moreover Nexus 4 runs on Android , so there won’t be any issues regarding apps . Also based on price Google Nexus 4 is a bit cheaper as compared to its arch rivals.

In the end I can only say that there is a lot more coming for you , if you want to buy a smartphone :P

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Last Updated on March 10, 2015

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