RIM is gearing up for its much awaited next-gen OS Blackberry 10 launch. This is being preceded by a small but very significant rebranding of the app store by RIM – dropping the word ‘app’ to turn the Blackberry App World into Blackberry World. This impending change was indicated toward during the Blackberry JAM Americas developer event last year in the month of October.

Now don’t worry, this is not a stupid world play. Unlike the older version, the new Blackberry World will also provide multimedia content like music and videos apart from the usual array of apps. The changes are being rolled out in stages. The new name will also be seen by customers on the Blackberry Playbook tablets followed by the smartphones in the coming weeks.

What the whole fuss is really about - BB10

What the whole fuss is really about – BB10

Clearly RIM is following Google’s example in ditching the word ‘app’ from its mobile store. Google’s Android Market evolved into Google Play last year. That happened their HQ in Mountain View, CA issued orders to overhaul the feel of the store putting more light on the multimedia content being offered through it. Taking cue from this, the new storefront by RIM will offer a better streamlined interface to customers who will also be able to share their apps with friends over BBM, Facebook and Twitter. But it is still not clear who will be providing the music and video content. Regional supplier variations isn’t out of question.

Interestingly, RIM recently held another blowout port-a-thon to nudge developers to port apps based on other platforms to the BB10. The event ended with them bringing in over 19,000 apps in some 36+ hours. The total number of apps for the platform are expected to be about 70,000 by the time of the launch, or so the RIM officials have been heard saying. Great effort boys!

For our more business minded audience, RIM’s stocks have risen quite a lot recently in light of the planned unveiling of the new Blackberry 10 device at the end of January. The Canadian company’s closed Monday at $15.84, up by 6 percent.


The new Blackberry World

Back to square one!

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Last Updated on May 23, 2015

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