Many people who have acknowledged some of the advantages of this single gadget. iPhone is one of the pioneer multifunction gadgets that you can consider to have it. In addition to some advanced functions and features contained in it, was that one gadget is also very compatible for you combine it with some accessories from a variety of forms and functions. You can define own types of accessories you want to use to complete this iPhone 4S. As we know, every mobile phone released to the market would always be followed by the emergence of a variety of supporting accessories. iPhone 4S is no exception.

There is a focus to provide additional device for audio, as well as supporting device for ease of communication through the iPhone.

So, here’s our list of best iPhone 4S Gadgets 2012 :

  • Bose iPhone Headset :  A leading manufacturer of audio devices Bose, Bose released a mobile on-ear headset that you can use to complement your own iPhone. With a distinctive touch of the latest technology such as Bose TriPort Acoustic Headphone structure, making a wide range of tone with a smaller form, so that the user experience are preferred.

bose iphone headset

  • IP1 iPhone Dock Speaker System :  For those of you who love music can combine this device with the iPhone or your iPod. With the power of the speakers up to 100 W output and 3.5 mm audio input plus a remote control to make your home audio is more comfortable for you to enjoy.

ip1 iphone dock speaker system

  • iPhone Bluetooth Sports Helmet :  This device seems mandatory for iPhone users who like to use a motor vehicle. The combination of the iPhone and this helmet can provide comfort when you drive and still can take advantage of various features on the iPhone. You simply install the transmitter on the iPhone jack port, and Bluetooth signal is sent to the helmet which is equipped with a headset facilities.

iphone bluetooth sports helmet

  • Sony iPhone Dock systems :  Sony SRS-electronics GU10IP release, ie dock speaker system specifically designed to be compatible with the iPhone or iPod. With the Dock, the total output produced at around 20 watts. This speaker dock made by the model futuristic black wooden cabinets. Meanwhile, to strengthen the bass effects Bass Boost function is available.

sony ipod system for iphone

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