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Rohit is a fourth year student of IIT Kharagpur. He is an opensource enthusiast with a thing for software development.

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Pidgin sure is one of the best IM client out there. But one has to admit that it has a few irritating traits at times. One nagging problem, that I personally faced was the “huge” tooltip that pops up when you mouse-hover over a Buddy’s username on the list. Like this: If you too found this nagging, and you use Linux, I have the solution you have been looking for. Just open a terminal and […]


Box.net has come up with an exciting limited offer. Log into Box from an Android device and you shall be awarded 50 GB permanent online storage. This is a mega jump from the default 5 GB storage they offer. What you have to do? Grab Box.net android app. Log In to your Box.net account or Register if you do not have one already. Enjoy the free 50 GB storage !!   Box.net offers onl;y cloud storage […]

Mozilla Marketplace for Web Apps that work across desktops, phones and tablets.

Mozilla Foundation is set to unveil its own Web App store called Mozilla Marketplace later this year. Mozilla Marketplace will open for developer submissions next week during Mobile World Congress. The objective of the store will be to provide a platform independant space to showcase Web Apps. It will let developers in distributing and monetizing their Applications as well. The Marketplace will feature apps in the categories of games, media, music, productivity and more. Quoting […]


Reports of an impending launch of a new online music store has been apparantly confirmed to a blog by Flipkart. The new service called “Flyte Digital Store” is set to debut in three to four weeks time. Crazy Engineers apparantly contacted Flipkart regarding the reports and got this response from Flipkart: “Please be informed that the Flyte Digital Store is a feature newly added to our website and is not open to public as of […]


Adobe today announced via a blog post that Flash on Linux it will be made available as a part of the Google Chrome browser only. This is after it has been decided that Flash plugin will henceforth use the Pepper plugin API (PPAPI) which Firefox does not support and does not wish to support either. Firefox users shall be stuck with the current version that is 11.2 which will receive security updates for five more […]


Asus have released a bootloader unlocker for the Asus Transformer Prime tablet. The apk file was made available today and hackers have pounced on the opportunity to port Ubuntu and CyanogenMod to the device. Device Unlocker The device unlocker allows you to use custom ROMs with the Transformer Prime. The unlocker is available for Transformer tablets that run Android 4.0 Icecream Sandwich. But Asus will no longer stand by the device warranty nor will it […]


Mark Shuttleworth has just announced a very exciting project from Canonical, Ubuntu for Android. With this new innovation, you can boot off a fullfledged Ubuntu desktop by just docking your multi-core Android phone to a monitor !! Technology It is quite obvious that the multicore processors on present day smart phones are powerful enough to deploy a full fledged desktop as well. Ubuntu for Android just exploits this fact. Android and Ubuntu shares a kernel […]

bittorrent live

Bram Cohen, the inventor of the BitTorrent protocol, has come up with another potentially pathbreaking P2P protocol. This time to stream media realtime and to kill TVs off for good. He demoed it at SF MusicTech Summit and aims to shoot down Television business with this apparantly cheaper alternative. BitTorrent Live BitTorrent Live will let you stream video over the internet, transferring bits of data from one peer to another and reassembling the bits into […]


The Microsft Online Store in India, www.microsoftstore.co.in has been hacked into. The website has been taken offline by Microsoft after an www.microsoft.co.uk/evil.html page was somehow inserted into the website. Here is a google cache snapsot of the page: Soon another blog put up images related to the attack including ones with usernames and passwords. All users registered with the webite are advised to reset their passwords in other websites if they have reused the passwords. […]

latest google-chrome-logo

Finally Google’s popular web browser Chrome has been made available for it’s own Android platform. Wait before you head on straight to Android Market; Its only available for ICS (Android 4) devices in select countries and is still in beta stage. Features Chrome Beta for Android has mobile and tablet views and on a tablet it almost looks exactly like the one on desktops. Chrome beta for Android also ships most features just as the […]

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