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In the last 12 months or so, a number of mobile brands have adopted the online-only sales strategy and results indicate that consumers have taken a liking to this new approach. In India, the online-only strategy was first embraced by Motorola with their then flagship product Moto G in partnership with India’s largest e-commerce marketplace, Flipkart. When Motorola first announced this approach, few market analysts would have expected the Moto G to sell out within 15 […]


We have been looking for an affordable and trusted VPS hosting company. After some research, we found and international, UK based hosting company, called Host1Plus. They have a reasonably priced VPS hosting service, with quite good server resources. Host1Plus is not new to the hosting business – it has 7 years of experience. Furthermore, even though they are based in London – they have over 10 data centers worldwide. They have a professional customer support that […]

Most businesses that have to scan products or labels know that barcode readers are essential. But, they don’t know how to pick one that’s going to last. Like anything, you often get what you pay for. Here’s how shop smart, and get a good reader that will last. Choosing a Wired vs Wireless Solution There are basically two different options in the bar code scanner arena: wired and wireless. Wired barcode scanners are the mainstay […]


Apart from personal computers, people nowadays have access to multiple devices like tablets and smartphones which arises a need for seamless data synchronization across multiple devices so that one can access the data from any device and from any location. That’s where data sync tools comes in; these tools facilities data transfer between different locations and between multiple devices so that you always have access to files whenever you need. Today we’re going to review […]

ZhuJi91 has been awarded as the best Hong Kong Linux hosting provider by many hosting review sites and webmasters. However, many people focusing their business in Asia and planning to build a website for their business do not know whether this service is a good choice for their sites. Therefore,after reading a mass of real customer reviews and all the information at, we developed this review to help you know more about this service. […]

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Handling loads of digital files, in their respective file formats is pretty demanding and what is more daunting is the necessity for converting between them. For those handling digital files on a regular basis would be aware of the hectic process that would be needed to go through before converting your file into a specific format, without affecting the layout of the original document. Most of them would sift through their programs to find the […]


There are tremendous numbers of PHP-based scripts that allow you to create blogs. With the need for online presence increasing every day, every potential blog owner looks for an efficient blog building platform. If you are looking forward to creating and maintaining a blog for years, it is imperative to choose a powerful PHP-based script that can meet your blogging needs. As every blog-building platform comes with a set of features and benefits, you should […]

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