ZhuJi91 has been awarded as the best Hong Kong Linux hosting provider by many hosting review sites and webmasters. However, many people focusing their business in Asia and planning to build a website for their business do not know whether this service is a good choice for their sites. Therefore,after reading a mass of real customer reviews and all the information at ZhuJi91.com.hk, we developed this review to help you know more about this service. […]

PDFburger homepage

Handling loads of digital files, in their respective file formats is pretty demanding and what is more daunting is the necessity for converting between them. For those handling digital files on a regular basis would be aware of the hectic process that would be needed to go through before converting your file into a specific format, without affecting the layout of the original document. Most of them would sift through their programs to find the […]


There are tremendous numbers of PHP-based scripts that allow you to create blogs. With the need for online presence increasing every day, every potential blog owner looks for an efficient blog building platform. If you are looking forward to creating and maintaining a blog for years, it is imperative to choose a powerful PHP-based script that can meet your blogging needs. As every blog-building platform comes with a set of features and benefits, you should […]

Do you really think that this can happen. Check the original creator of the infographic to know more about it.

trend micro

While Valentine’s is still about a week away, there are those who might be looking around online for gift ideas, places to celebrate, including people to meet. Upfront, this may seem like a pretty harmless activity but in reality, cybercriminals have already started sending malicious Valentine-related spam to users with bogus advertisements, promotions, and offers. Like other special occasions, Valentine’s Day is usually, if not always, used by attackers as a way to hook potential […]


Key loggers are software programs that let you spy on other consumers of a computer by recording all their keystrokes. This way you’ll learn what others are doing on the computer, lots of other things, and what websites they’re seeing and even who they have been communicating with. Keystroke loggers may be pretty dangerous if used for the wrong reasons, as you can guess. They might be properly used to steal delicate private texts. These […]

Limo powerbank

If you’re a regular traveller or if you’re going to travel a lot for an upcoming week or let’s say your battery doesn’t last for a day due to heavy usage or whatsoever reasons and you don’t have access to main power supply so easily, trust me – a “power bank” is all you need to get going. A power bank ensures that you always remain connected by extending the battery life of your USB […]

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