Comics have become more popular than ever before, thanks to a number of hit television series (AMC’s Comic Book Men, ABC’s Agent of Shield, CW’s Arrow) and a surge of recent blockbuster movies (Captain America: Winter Solider, The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and X-Men: Days of Future Past). Taking advantage of this trend by starting an online comic book store can result in a very profitable venture occurring over time. Here are 5 simple tips […]


Money is considered to be a basic need for a luxurious life. Money needs to be managed well, else you might lose it in an instant. You need to keep track of the way you are spending it. With this post, I am introducing to an awesome tool named Mobikwik, which can make your life easier by better managing you money. Mobikwik app is a one stop solution to pay all your bills. This app […]


Internet is a biggest source of information. You can find information about literally anything anything on the internet. But do you know, that even hackers have access to the internet and they can use it to get personal information about you and sell it to spammers. To prevent this from happening, you can use an awesome tool named TorGuard VPN to prevent breach in your privacy. TorGuard VPN is a paid VPN service based in […]


When it comes to developing a mobile version of your website, design is important. If you have a site that has windows that obscure the content, buttons that are way too small, or text that’s too big, you risk losing a viewer. You want to create a site that balances functionality with design, making it streamlined and accessible for the user. Here are a few ways you can put functionality over design and make the […]


Downloading files on Smartphone devices like Android based devices identical to the ones downloaded from PC’s is a common spectacle in recent times. But the procedure is not at all as simple, due to the fact that sometimes the file terminates to download or only acquires too long to accomplish the task. To make your downloading process easier and quicker, there is a plethora of download managers exist in the market, you can use for […]


The desktop operating system helps the desktop in running properly. If you want to generalize then you can say that operating system is the heart of any computer. The operating systems are the platform on which we work on a daily basis. Everybody has their own preferences and when it comes to choosing the best operating system, then you can choose them depending on what purpose you will be using your desktop for! If you […]

Experiment in progress

Google Adsense is nothing less than a holy grail for publishers and bloggers looking to make an impact and a few bucks online. Adsense offers the best in the industry CPM rates and also the flexibility to tweak things accordingly as per individual requirements. This makes it hard for new publishers and even established ones too, to look over its services. The little known thing among many online publishers about Adsense though is that the […]

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