When was the last time you had a fresh breathe of oxygen as soon as you entered your nest – your home? Things are getting quite difficult when it comes to pristine air and it is becoming almost of a prized object. With the rapid advancements in technology made possible by the humankind, it has also made us face the complications that arise out of the same. Out of all the complications that have arisen […]

Know Before You Go: Sharing Files the Legal Way You’re about to upload your favorite movie to the cloud and share the link with all of your friends. Or, maybe you’re into P2P file sharing, and you want to distribute a song you like. You think, “I’m not selling this, so I’m in the clear.” Wrong. The act of sharing copyright-protected files without the authorization is illegal, and the penalties are very severe. Don’t think […]

When you decide it is time for an upgrade, there is always the question of what you should do with your old printer. Many people decide to get a new printer even when their old one is still in perfectly good working order, so it makes sense to find a new home for it that isn’t a landfill site and you might even get some money for it too. Recycle for cash In just the […]


Microsoft, Intel, Snapdeal.com and Notion Ink today announced the launch of Cain 8. Powered by the Intel® Atom™ Processor Z3735F, and running Windows 8.1, Cain 8 is priced at Rs. 9,990, and is exclusively available on Snapdeal.com, India’s largest online marketplace. Speaking about the device, Manish Giri, COO, Notion Ink said: “Cain 8 is a companion device to the PCs. 8inch form factor makes Cain the ideal device extending PC functionalities. We look at targeting […]

oxigen wallet

Oxigen Wallet today announced their exclusive tie up with Café Coffee Day (CCD) for introducing payments through the wallet at CCD outlets pan India. CCD which is India’s favourite coffee shop and hangout place has more than 1400 locations pan India .Under this association, users can pay at Café Coffee Outlets using their Oxigen Wallet and also avail a special promotional offer of Buy 1 get 1 offer on beverages . Payment and offer redemptions […]

The National Broadband Network (NBN) is a large-scale government program aimed at delivering high speed broadband to more than 90 per cent of Australian households. This will be achieved through a staged rollout of fixed wireless, satellite technology and fibre optic cabling running directly to most Australian households and businesses, with many areas around Australia where this high speed internet is already available. iiNet provides fast NBN as well as many other broadband internet plans, […]

If you want to make a video, a good editing program will be an excellent investment. It doesn’t matter whether you are making a family video or a video for your business, the editing process will make it more professional and more enjoyable for people to watch. Editing is where the video comes to life, and sometimes you don’t even need to spend much time on the process to make a huge difference to your […]

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