Every year when the top 10 list comes up some names, marks its debut in the list, whereas some make their way out of it. It is the same with every list, including the torrent websites lists too. There are some users who are loyal to a particular brand making it appear on the top 10 list consistently. Here are the names of top 10 torrent websites – KickAss Torrents It is estimated that they […]


Few complex things in life bring our life to halt like breakups or fights or sometimes poor grades and we desperately want to share these things with someone close that we can trust blindly and who doesn’t have a weird habit of gossiping it out to public. Everyone wishes that he/she has that someone special that will always bring him/her out from the miserable emotional zone and that’s when we feel that there’s a need […]

People would like to download videos from YouTube and other websites because of getting trouble in watching the live videos with slow internet connection. Some others might be interested in listening audio tracks from online videos and get annoyed with visiting that webpage every time. To handle these difficulties, they would be in search of best software to watch their preferred videos offline without opening YouTube or other video sites like Vimeo, Dailymotion, Facebook etc. […]


If someone is trying to build a website which can be precisely called the community website, then the selection of the forum software is most important. People will be communicating with each other on a site which is based on a theme and for that the forum software that you choose will make all the difference.  Depending on what theme you choose or what community you are trying to build an online forum software selection […]

Have you ever thought of building a website without the herculean task of writing code? It was hardly possible before! But Webydo, a cloud-based Software as a Service, has demolished this concept! Yes, we mean it. Using this web-based web-design studio, the savvy designer can create websites for their clients without entering a single line of code, whether HTML, CSS or PHP. In other words, Webydo is giving designers the freedom of creativity to create, […]


In the era of Smartphone if you are coming out with some tool or software then it becomes obvious that you have a Smartphone version too. Everybody is working on their Smartphones day in and day out starting from browsing to sending mail or social networking and what not. Therefore, it is obvious that their work also involves file sharing, but there are certain hindrances in file sharing that we all face. If the file […]


Acquisition takes place as a business wants to expand and this is a common factor for public company as well as for the private companies. If the company wants to exhibit control over the key supplier then through acquisition they meet their objectives or if there is any gap in the product delivery and you want to fill in that gap then by acquiring some company which has almost similar product line will help you. […]

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