There’s no getting around it: Software piracy is on the rise, and pirates are becoming more sophisticated all the time. While software developers are employing new methods to protect their intellectual property, many experts point out that in many cases, all that stands between pirates and an authorized user is a multi-digit key code or serial number. There is another solution, though, that is gaining ground despite being seen as a “last resort” for many […]


Top 5 Most-Followed Instagram Accounts 5. Justin Bieber Not sure what the admiration of this pop star is all about, but with over 20 million followers, he is currently the fifth most-followed account on Instagram. Whether you want to keep up with photos of him with his hat on backwards, or some other photos of him with his hat on backwards, you can catch it all by following him on Instagram. 4. Ariana Grande Superstar […]


Staying employable within IT means keeping skillsets up-to-date. So why in the age of Cloud services and offsite data storage would you want to learn about RAID recovery? RAID – still the foundation of modern disk arrays The day of the single disk system has all but disappeared from corporate computing environments, particularly in terms of the datacentre. So whether data has been lost from an onsite RAID-based SAN, or in an aggregated Cloud datacentre, […]

Videos on the web have witnessed a significant rise in attention, thanks to the popularity of YouTube and other online video networks. Anyone with a camera, MIC and a vision becomes a great online video content producer on these platforms. The features that these services offer are that they allow every run-of-the-mill content creator to start their own channel and upload videos as they wish. The potential earnings for your videos at such sites are […]


Cell Phones or Mobile Phones, whatever you may call has entirely revolutionized the way we do the things we in our life. It has travelled a long distance in this decade. It started its journey from a luxury item and now it has become a bare necessity for all of us. Its role and contributions has been truly commendable, especially when you will analyze the comfort and convenience that it has brought in our life. […]

Despite being a Global network of computers and other devices that transcends geographical boundaries, Internet is known for its limitations based on geographical boundaries! Restricted availability of web-based services like Netflix, Hulu, HBO Go etc is a perfect example to show this boundary-based structure, and these blocked websites is indeed a issue of a common internet user. Nevertheless, the same internet offers solutions to break these restrictions and in this article, we like to introduce […]

Despite the meteoric rise in the popularity of devices like smartphones, tablets, laptops and e-Readers, desktop computers still have their uses. In the vast majority of offices all around the world, nothing comes close to the cost-effectiveness and functionality of a PC. However, there are several reasons why it still makes sense for households to own a desktop computer too. Here’s why: Power and performance The biggest problem with today’s portable devices is battery life. […]

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