Despite being a Global network of computers and other devices that transcends geographical boundaries, Internet is known for its limitations based on geographical boundaries! Restricted availability of web-based services like Netflix, Hulu, HBO Go etc is a perfect example to show this boundary-based structure, and these blocked websites is indeed a issue of a common internet user. Nevertheless, the same internet offers solutions to break these restrictions and in this article, we like to introduce […]

Despite the meteoric rise in the popularity of devices like smartphones, tablets, laptops and e-Readers, desktop computers still have their uses. In the vast majority of offices all around the world, nothing comes close to the cost-effectiveness and functionality of a PC. However, there are several reasons why it still makes sense for households to own a desktop computer too. Here’s why: Power and performance The biggest problem with today’s portable devices is battery life. […]

Your computer files are valuable, so why would you trust them to some random person on the Internet. You wouldn’t? Did you know that you probably already do, right now, without even knowing it? If your hard drive isn’t encrypted, if your files are not encrypted, and if you do not have a way to lock your personal files and keep them away from prying eyes, then you’re vulnerable to a hacker. Here’s how to […]

If you have ever thought of purchasing a VPN Tunneling solution for your desktop or mobile devices, you might have, at least once, come across HideIPVPN. Similarly, it would have attracted your attention when you were trying to find a solution to protect online identity of yours by keeping it anonymous. Indeed, you might know that HideIPVPN is an effective solution when it comes to secure your web browsing experience. Nevertheless, in this post, we […]

If you had said to someone holding a ‘brick’ mobile phone 30 years ago that one day you would be able to swipe, swish and poke a touchscreen, connect to the Internet and do so much more than just make phonecalls on your mobile, would they have believed you? It’s remarkable to see just how far we’ve come in three decades, and now our mobile or ‘cell’ phones are such an integral part of our […]

Despite the fact that you may be having a lot of money with you, paying full is an idiotic task when you’re purchasing things online! Along with a lot of advantages, such as quicker payments, at-the-door availability of products that you have purchased, discounted price is also a strong reason to prefer online shops to traditional ways of shopping, even when those shops are running so-called discount sales! Nevertheless, in order to leverage the best […]

Computer Security

Your home is your castle, as people say, although people fail to consider that most homes nowadays are actually a bit nicer than castles. For a start, they aren’t covered in mediaeval brick walls, they have central heating (as opposed to dangerous log fires) and you don’t have several guards and a moat to protect it from malevolent invaders. You’ve just got a bit of gravel and a driveway. But where your home and a […]

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